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My name is Laurelle and I am a full-time professional model. I was born in Markham, Ontario but raised for most of my life in a small town in Ontario called Oshawa until I moved to the big city of Montreal, Quebec a few years ago. Though I am Canadian, my origins are Italian, Filipino, Chinese and Spanish, which explain my very different features. I grew up living with my mother until the age of 16 (almost 17), when I decided to move out. I was brought up to be very independent and now, at the age of 19, I consider myself to be very mature and believe I have a good head on my shoulders compared to most kids my age. For some reason, because I’m a model, people automatically think I’m a party girl — which is really not the case. In fact, I’d much rather stay home and play video games or read a good book instead of hitting the bar — unless my hockey team (Habs) is playing, in which case you can find me watching the game at any local pub. I am definitely not an introvert though; I am super social and love to meet new people!__catch_a_ride___by_misslaurelle-d6nb6jb __creature___by_misslaurelle-d6kttj8 __hourglass___by_misslaurelle-d4g7tsk __lovely___by_misslaurelle-d4gjdhc __misslaurelle_and_idiivil__4___by_misslaurelle-d6ee0qr __reverie___by_misslaurelle-d6k57gs __satisfy_my_craving___by_misslaurelle-d4gezsc __serenity___by_misslaurelle-d5ziu23 __sisters___by_misslaurelle-d6l71hz 12 3 4 5 5 6 7 7 522e486981a82 121217_152_by_misslaurelle-d616y6g148512_160812930624457_1284079_n 216723_197175370321546_2123677_n 253143_441697065869374_367880731_n 262546_540312999341113_1240583730_n 971336_569994313039648_1147955761_n 1005365_581937651845314_354820771_n 1239810_592933540745725_928247462_n capture_by_misslaurelle-d6okic9post-72395-0-26181800-1365730107

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