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A relative newcomer to the PDX stripper circuit, Miss Prys, is a true performer. The sphinx captured the eyes of the Miss Exotic Oregon audience and she’s captured our hearts, like Miss America. Slaves. . . meet your queen!
MISS EXOTIC OREGON 2015   A year ago, I promised myself I’d participate in the 2015 competition. I am naturally competitive and it really sparked something inside of me. I just wanted to win I wanted that title! The ads for this past competition were starting to pop up and I knew I needed to register, but something within me had changed I no longer wanted to compete only for myself. I am incredibly passionate about my work, and over time, I’ve witnessed the effect a passionate per-formance can have on people noticing more and more frequently, the way an audience can “wake up” and enjoy a new sense of enchantment and inspira-tion. I felt I had become a beneficial and opening presence in Strip City, and through my work, I was “moved” to creatively transform vibrations of misun-derstanding, insecurity and negative judgment sur-rounding and within the community, to those of love and understanding.
I have not. , a finds 6 f thinos” id you doinirtvai A lot of inner work, self-acceptance and love. I chose a song that set me on fire and then came the vision everything sort of fell into place after that. I had an awesome team that was supportive and extremely dedicated to making my ideas and artistic direction a reality. I am an artist and have a background in fashion, so I was really excited about the costuming, which I crafted myself with multiple grueling trips to the fabric store…and 10Ibs of hot glue sticks! My wondrous makeup artist, and bestie of 13 years, was a lifesaver in the chaotic green room we could not have shimmered so bright, without her skills!


There seemed to be quite a it of choreography how much did you rehearse? _ Oh, you know, a couple times! I had my ultra talented girls doing more actual synchronized choreography I just pranced around a little, rolled around in black paint and stared down the audience.
How does your body feel? Do you have any poststage injuries ? ” Not currently. I take really good care of my bod. Yes, dear stage patrons, on top of my bills, you’re paying for my regular spa visits, and I couldn’t thank you more ..How long have you been stripping? Two and a half years with intermissions.
do you have previous experience, on a stage? I do burlesque and experimental performance around town and I sing sometimes, not wonderfully, but I love to do it. Kit Kat Club has given me the opportunity to explore my voice and other theatrical endeavors. ‘Do you have any previous dance or performance “experience? When I was 18, I moved to LA for fashion school. That was the first time I actually went out and explored the clubbing scene. I would dance my ass off nightly and throw myself up on stages with bands, DJs or podiums. This was before I chose to quit drinking and doing drugs. I was basically a stripper with-out getting paid, and sometimes, security would drag me out of the club. I’ve danced my whole life—from ballet to tribal to hip-hop…I’ve even been in a few music videos. When I was much younger, I would force everyone at family gatherings to congregate in the living room and I would borrow a couple of my mom’s silk

                                                  MİSS PRYS - MISS EXOTIC OREGON 2015 (4) MİSS PRYS - MISS EXOTIC OREGON 2015 (6)-horz MİSS PRYS - MISS EXOTIC OREGON 2015 (8)

     scarfs, grab my younger cousins and slap some lipstick on their faces, turn my boom box on blast and conduct a fully orchestrated production” for ever yone to endure. Afterwards, I would prance wound with a “tip bucket” and collect the pocket change of relatives and odd family friends so, again, similar to what I do now! These armies are delightful and reassuring that I’m on the right track It was meant to be. I trulyappreciate the people who aim out to be entertained Yu are the reason we try the reason we thrive and where the heart ofliw entertainment lies. l am constantly showered with smiles, dollars and low —and I cannot thankyou enough you inspire me. I strive to show my customers and coworkers the kindness they deserve. We put a lot into our performances, because we get So much back and I am fucking appreciative of that.
What kinds of support did you receive ? Both my incredible families at Mary’s and Kit kat Club were extremely supportive. It seemed as if fiends, acquaintances and strangers came out of the woodwork to promote me. I feel seriously fucking awesome and loved. I especially want to thank Quin harle and Oryx Jett for their deviotion to this competition frombeing my _awles back-up dancers, to hand-making `Tam Prys” shirts with sharpie, when my actual shirts weren’t printed in time for the preliminary Also, Nta Byant (my mentor of all things good), Beth hansen (a big-time cheerleader and bar mistress from Mary’s Club), Madison (the beautiful artist who made me look and feel like a goddess the night of the competition), my mommy and daddy and amazing family, Kenneth Witson and Cula Delgatto (my ofcial patutional photographers), Lala Del Maj (for letting us rehearse in her space and calming my frenzies),Frank and the Kit Kat Kitties for being too cute for words, along with Vicki Keller, Ronnie Werner Chris Jackson, William Jay, Mchael Talley, Nikki Lev, Ivizia Dakini and every single one of you who screamed for me, posted about me, or said kind words. Thankyou! I low you all so mach. l ma lucky gal.