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monica Miss Jones topless Naughty Girl Magazine – July 2015 This magazine comes with a big collection of voluptuous young wives who are ready to explore some extra marital fun and ready to show you their hot bodies. – Mia, Miss Jones, Monica – Real Sex Stories – Naughty Clip Reviews – Locker Room Talk – Naughty News Names and places have been changed to protect the not so innocent.
As we move through the sexual escapades of our lives, for those of us lucky enough to have had a virtual buffet of sexual partners we tend to catego-rize them based on their abilities or how attractive they are.
In my adventures, there was a women that gave the best blowjob, one who had the best body, another that was the freakiest and the list goes on and on.
This month I’ve decided to share a story from my relationship with the woman that I consider to be the G.O.A.T aka the Greatest of All Time!
Her name was Lali and she was 5’4″ of pure Puerto Rican attitude. She was incredibly out-spoken, fearless with 40″ hips, a slim waist and a nice C cup.
I met her at work – no surprise there.
A group of us went out to lunch one day and hav-ing taken Spanish for four years, I started talking to her in Espanol during lunch. I could see her eyes light up as I changed the conversation over to her native language. I had her hooked so I decided to reel her in with Te gustaria salir algun dia – which translates (loosely) to would you like to go out sometime. She said -Si” and we exchanged num-bers.
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By Ron L. Cummings
4 That night we talked on the phone for hours and somehow our conversation turned to some of our sexual likes and dislikes.
At the end of the conversation she said that she wanted to cook a Puerto Rican meal for me and invited me over for dinner at her apartment.
The next night I drove over and her apartment was amazing. Though the outside left a little some-thing to be desired and it wasn’t in one of the best neighborhoods, the space itself was large and ex-tremely well kept. The smell was one that I wasn’t familiar with but incredibly enticing. She had cooked up deep fried empanadas with Spanish rice and red bean.
Absolutely delicious and totally different from the southern soul food that I was used to.
After dinner, we sat on the couch to watch a mov-ie. She served Pina Coladas (I know, so cliché) af-ter dinner and I took a few sips before the offered me a good `ol American Bud Light.
As we sipped our drinks, I noticed that she began to move closer and closer so I did one of my Hap-py Days moves and pretended to stretch and put my arm around her – which she picked up on and started laughing like she had just heard one of the funniest joke ever. Her laughter was full and genu-ine just like her rich attitude.

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