Mulher Melancia ( Andressa Soares ) Rio de Janeiro

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nude naked bare naked shirtless topless tattoo nackt nude nu nue nudo akt çıplak tetoviranje tatouage Tätowierung Modelle Andressa Soares (Rio de Janeiro, March 28, 1988), known by her stage name of Watermelon,Mulher Melancia, singer and model who became famous for being one of the Showgirls of the so-called “dance Créu” composition funkeiro MC Créu, the.Precursor of funk carioca phenomenon known as “Women fruit”, receives since then featured in mainstream media: it was three times the cover of Playboy Magazine, with the best-selling issue of the year 2008, granted interviews to newspapers such as Folha de Sao Paulo and their television appearances have maintained high ratings.
After his exit from the stage to MC Créu, Andressa began his solo career, spawning the hit 6 Speed, with which conducted tours of shows that came to gather around 30 thousand people.According to the singer, his funk would be different, because there would be no evil in the dance.
In 2008, Andressa Soares emerged in the so-called erotic media and only that year, featured in 3 covers and 2 DVDs released by Playboy Magazine, selling more than a million items. In 2009, hit its fourth cover for the magazine, scheduled for the month of July.The fame of its forms, however, reached even the United States, where she appeared on the website of the Director of the film want to be John Malkovich, Spike Jonze. Furthermore, became the attraction of the shows of illusionist David Blaine, performed in Central Park.
On television, can be highlighted from participation in programs such as Zorra Total even in programs Portuguese during his tour in Europe from 2009. That same year, he received an invitation to participate in the first edition of the programme the farm, the Rede Record, but the invitation was refused by the dancer. In the year 2010, was selected by German Publisher Taschen art books to imprint a work that brings together the most beautiful butts in the world launched in three languages: Italian, Spanish and português17 and enrolled as a participant of the third season of the reality show the farm, finally accepting the invitation received by the issuer of the program.
Andressa Soares was mentioned recently as a victim in a process of Brazilian justice that fleshes out the actions of an alleged gang of international trafficking in women for purposes of prostitution of luxury, commanded by Angolan soldier and politician, businessman Bento Kangamba told Jornal de Angola.
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