Nadine Kennse – Tattoo Model GERMANY

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nude naked bare In April 2009 with the model I started.
And that was the 3:04:09 in Cologne.
I was very insecure in front of the camera, and had not felt comfortable for the first time, but after my first shoot in Cologne (Koln in the middle by the way) I even brought a few shoots behind me, and realized that the model I just really fun! Since then it began, I stayed with my ‘Hobby’ and since then I can gain many experiences, positive and negative – have seen many cities and met many great people.
I would definitely not want to miss the modeling.DSC03241-web2 DSC03249-web2 tumblr_moebt9TBtZ1rsqe4ko1_500113_d_1416cweb 113_d_1454web 113_d_1471web 113_d_1491cweb 113_d_1566web 113_d_1609web 113_d_1622web 113_d_1844web 1444_by_necromensrea-d6952lo 1448_by_necromensrea-d69vik071466_536698999706665_416137915_n 221741_530593143650584_1573625788_n 375572_564554253587806_1383219544_n 484041_591547614221803_1311311937_n 523668_455256654517567_151461115_n 536974_516885398354692_1422309968_n 547609_536977413012157_587512825_n 562416_539927749383790_1729448633_n 733999_520475997995632_706289253_n 941190_574093279300570_960846190_n946810_561568787219686_2140101299_n 971530_560581297318435_2133111055_n 998108_604748399568391_373313455_n 1069947_578172565559308_2050355881_n 1176233_591670660876165_1953291281_n 1186025_592027490840482_808948509_n 1237680_606758959367335_144546555_n Nadine-05-a30506592