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Alisa Sas is originally from Kazakhstan living now in Berlin Germany. Very experienced in modelling work. She started when she was 14 from small local fashion show catwalks in Almaty, the capital of Kazakhstan.
When she was 17 her parents moved to Poland along with her and her 3 her sister. Alisa stopped modelling for her new passion – singing. When she was 25 she returned to model-ing and she now continues her adventures with photo and video work.
Her achievements includes multiple covers and features in Playboy, CKM, Maxim magazines in Europe and video clips for formation Behemoth and many others. She has finished university with master degree in anthropology and never want to stop in getting a new knowledge. Her next step is getting a degree in philosophy from the university of Berlin.

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My name is Sylvia, I am 23 from Byron Bay, the rainbow re-gion of New South Wales, Australia. I am a care taker and child of the earth. My life’s journey is to decode the struc-ture of separation, conditions and borders forced upon me to reclaim and remember my authentic love, truth and great connection to the mother and the elements.
I love to model art nudes in nature because the collaboration is divine. Raw skin beauty in raw nature, the way it was al-ways intended to be. It is liberating having my sensual body totally immersed in nature’s yummyness.

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Nadine Rae

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Roarie Yum is difficult to sum up in words…but I will try. She is vibrant, energetic, intelligent, hilarious, adaptable… everything one could hope for in a model and fellow human being.
Although she hails from Florida, Roarie is not tied to any one place. Instead, she chooses to live on the road, mov-ing from place to place as opportunities to create truly out-standing art present themselves. As a result, she has trav-eled extensively and worked with an amazingly diverse and creative group of photographers, makeup artists, stylists, designers and fellow models. I want to be Roarie when I grow up.
In her own words: “I don’t have many cares as far as it goes to creating photo-graphs. If I think it’s safe, I’ll climb a tree, hop a fence, con-tort myself; pose in the cold, pose with animals, play with fire, build weird sets, and roll around on the gravel. I’m not afraid of looking weird, of not being pretty. Fin young once, let me have bad ass pictures to remember it.”

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She lives in Prague, but the last year, she says, all of Europe was her home. Denisa works full-time as a model, so her work is her hobby and passion.
If you asked Denisa what is required for a photo shoot, so she will always respond that the most important thing in photography is to be in a good mood and al-ways be smiling. Denisa works hard for her perfect shaped body and for the job as a model in fashion and art-nude it is absolutely necessary. She knows that it will not be forever and her dream is to open a fashion store, after her modeling career comes to an end.
She believes that she has a few more years left as a successful model and is looking forward to creating more art for VOLO in the new future.

“Reliable, focussed and thriving in creativity I’m a professional model working in the genres of portraiture, fashion & nudes, with added experience in historic, art-inspired cfe underwater modelling.
Iim based in the UK, and also travel worldwide to work on a range of projects for professionals and enthusiasts alike. I pose for pho-tographers, painters, sculptors, designers, advertising, bookcovers, film, workshops & tuition. Um happy to work with teams of cre-atives or one-to-one, in studios, interiors or outdoor locations.
I enjoy modeling both the adorned and the unclothed, as I think each can be powerful or subtle pathways to striking and timeless imag-ery. In fashion and beauty I treasure the mixing of colour palettes, contrasting textures and transformative effects of outfits, make-up Se styling. These give me access as a model to project entirely dif-ferent personas, moods, or characters in stories transcending time & age.
Equally I feel very happy to use my nude self for creativity. Whether a sensuous capture that nods to artists throughout history cele-brating the beauty and allure of women. Al? organic shape illumi-nated in darkness like a sculpted vase under gallery spotlight. Or imagery exploring the strength, harmony or loneliess of the human figure Se spirit within the environment, be it natural, man-made or metaphorical.”

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“I am exceedingly curious and fascinated by many subjects, namely biological sciences, but my passion is nutrition, which partially explains why I am also vegan. My love of animals and grave concern for the environment are my other two motivators. I did my Master’s thesis on chestnuts because the chestnut tree is ny favorite tree, and I also love to eat chestnuts. My best-loved activities, in no particular order, are reading, hiking, gardening, and volunteering with The American Chestnut Foundation.
I started pursuing modeling and acting just to see if I could do it, and as a cre-ative outlet from academics and work. If a few pictures of me become art, it will have been an honor to have contributed to the arts, and to know I was someone worth looking at. A few things I’ve learned from modeling are to be aware of how I look to someone else, what poses and expressions are the most aesthetically pleasing, how to work with what you have, and orient myself around the light. Being a fine arts model was the most challenging, as you have to hold poses for hours. I also have a newfound appreciation for the art of photography. Many people think they are a photographer because they have a fancy camera, but so much goes into getting an image that makes you go, “Wow!” Photographic artists must constantly keep up with their craft, and I very much appreciate Shankha who took this incredible pictures of me”

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