Namea Soundz Malkia – January 2016

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Namea Soundz, Malkia, January 2016 Namea Soundz: I began her by her fiance Hafice Slader r experience needless to say l But I was excited at the sam pursue from an early age bu 5′.75″ – Lets round it to 5’1″ a
• modeling career in 2005 low known as Rafeese Ph vas nerve racking as is an e time because it was son t was always told I was toi nd call it a day 🙂 MALKIA MAGAZINE: Where are you from?
Na -nea Soundz: I was born in Bendigo, Victoria – Austr the
“Home of the Goldrush”.
MALKIA MAGAZINE: Funnies a model?
Na -nea Soundz: Funniest thi be group shoots – I cannot !- around me 🙂 Craziest thing snow in nothing but a damn – You know the land down ui days later… Needless to say all of you out there that do have it! MALKIA MAGAZINE: Who is y
t/craziest experience you
ng I’ve experienced as a n-ielp but me a clown and – would have to be shoc I sling shot – did I mentior nder? I was diagnosed wit no more half naked shoos it – all the more power tc
your favorite music artist
Namea Soundz: I would have artist – for the simple face I I The “closest” to my favourit with his messages), Lil Wayr story line, and lyrics, and trial strength of her voice), Savagi you will understand) – To be will stop right here.. You get
to decline on saying I hay DJ – and enjoy all kinds of e would be Ludacris (beci le (just because), Usher ( cks)… Pink (because of the e Garden (Australian Band honest all in all – I could , the Picture
MALKIA MAGAZINE: What about a man/woman turns you off?
Namea Soundz: What turns me on is someone with d has goals in life – and can never settle for less. Als considerate of others and not just themselves.
MALKIA MAGAZINE: Where do you see yourself three
Namea Soundz: Three years increasing my network, and through to motions of obtai have to the next level.
from now I see myself.. P brand – Hopefully obtainir ning a degree.. and buildi
)nd what was your
when encouraged otography. My first y first experience 🙂 nething I wanted to D short. Standing at
alia – also known as
‘ve encountered as
iodel would have to listract all of those ling outside in the I’m from Australia h Pneumonia a few :s in the snow 😉 For ) you! lol… you can
and why? e just one favourite music, and genres. 3use he is hilarious because I enjoy his messages, and the I – look them up and go on forever, but I
you on? What turns
rive/ambition, that o someone that is
rears from now?
effecting my crafts, ig a degree or going ng what I currently

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