NURRY NECKER Great Photografie 81539 Munich, Germany

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Scan with fondness Themed Portraits in Fashion by hidden nude and erotic .My only purpose is …. From ” normalo ” to take pictures, exceptionally beautiful images edited to make it my issue and models offer something else than only ” studio boring ” .As a photographer / graphic designer I combine my images for posters / flyers / brochures for various companies / clubs or the individuals.

Have with ” macromedia ” ( University of Applied Sciences of the media ) my degree in DTP and web publisher and made ​​it a lot of experience at Adobe – collected programs , I now also applying for image processing .


Tfp shoots and Tfp image processing principle, YES .

As consideration for me Tfp apartment clean, wash Tfp car, Tfp iron laundry or fulfill other tasks Tfp ! In plain language services for service , though no one wants to pay may od …….. Is not it only fair right? 😉 Exception: if I want to implement an idea!1

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