Playboy Special Collector’s Edition – Girls of Summer 2015

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Playboy Special Collector’s Edition – Girls of Summer 2015 Summer is the season for loosening our grip. Things slip happily through our fingers. Part of us goes to a kind of summer camp, a perfect summer camp, and many of our
that reruns are running TV, that mediocre fiction becomes inexplicably riveting, that pall drinks with umbrellas in them taste wonderful. The evolutionary process that made ,i,Ls achievers now urges us to buy a midweek ticket to the ballpark. The tanned body becomes languid—a condition impossible to synthesize with drugs or with any other AMP” transforming medium. Summer dawns on us: Suddenly, woo driP. life acquires a soft focus. We sometimes find ourselves not 16 holdins u’ our end of convew Wyloskop men 04OP stare • ,nd ygIUn e illore an
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