Playboy Special Collector’s Edition – Red Heads 2015

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Welcome to Our 64,ce Parade Redheads are like other women—only more so. The first thing you notice is a soft fire around their faces—an auburn halo that vibrates in high gear. A kind of heat that has nothing to do with temperature radiates from them like a visual perfume: a curious, insistent allure. Redheads come in several shades and temperaments. For example, there are fiery redheads with strong voices and keen wills—Lucille Ball is that group’s acknowledged patron saint. There are fiery redheads who have their thermostats on permanent simmer—picture Ann-Margret when she’s not dancing but is dressed as though she might at any minute transform her hips into a metronome. There are redheads who look as if they have just come from a shower and are pink from vigorous towel drying—Annette O’Toole has part of the franchise on that look. There are redheads with historical purpose (Elizabeth I), redheads with social purpose  Playboy’s Special Collectors Editions
are a mind blowing peak into the world of Playboy. Travel the globe and get to know the finest girls from Brazil to Russia and travel back in time with every Playmate of The Year. Take a ride with our girls and cars and celebrate the female form in our sizzling “Butt Issue” but issue featuring the most exquisite derrieres from around the globe. It’s not a magazine, it’s an adventure.


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