Playboy USA – November 2016 Ashley Smith – Cenit Nadir – Jasmine Villanueva

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PLAYMATEAshley Smith
“I’ve started deejaying in some clubs in New York,” Miss November Ashley Smith says to a reporter as she wraps up an interview. “Can you include that?” When talking to Ashley, who was raised in Austin, Texas but moved to the Big Apple to pursue big-ger dreams, you’ll learn that she’s not an easy read—and that’s a beautiful thing. She’s made a name for herself as a magazine cover girl (including this very issue) but also wants to study marine biology. She can speak a bit of French but enjoys mindless TV like Adventure Time. She can turn heads in a bar as the girl dancing like nobody’s watching, but she hates to stand in line, so you won’t see her out on weekends. Altogether, Ashley takes pride in being a woman who opens herself up to the world around her. “We have only one life, and I would rather live adventurously and test my boundaries than be shy. That’s boring. I want to meet new people, do new things and live a full life. Being afraid is not going to get me that,” she says. “You have to show the world why you’re special.”

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