Ria Fend Amelia Belle Nylon Zine Issue 49, 2016

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Ria Fend

We have featured Ria before in our zines. We never tire of looking at her pics. This Set is by the talented Kustom Nemo Photography.
Welcome back Ria – what was it like working with KustomNemo? This was my first shoot with Andy and I got up really early to travel the five hour journey to the North East coast of England from London to Grimsby where he is based for a day of exciting shoot concepts. I was excited to meet him and he sure does know the angles for legs, stockings and feet. We worked
really well together! I think we will be shooting again in the near future. His work is fantastic and perfect for Nylon-Zine!
You seem very busy with your modelling these days, tell us about some of the high-lights? Oh yes! Too much to mention I guess! I am really busy at the moment. This week has been a little over-whelming. I’m planning a short modelling tour in the US again this Summer, I have several covers and features all being processed which are about to be published in alternative magazines, I am excited about acting in two films this year and I am off to Paris next week to shoot

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Cha Cha

Welcome back to Nylonzine Cha Cha, tell us what you’ve been doing since your last feature? Thank you! I was beyond thrilled to have been invited back for Nylon-Zine’s very first special edition issue. What an honor to get to be a part of such a milestone. And con-gratulations to Nylon-Zine!! Well, since we last spoke I have been extremely busy with moving forward in pinup & fetish modeling. I’ve also been busy with travel, as well as expanding and adding new products to my handmade soap and apothecary business., Jo. SOAP Co.
I’m excited to announce that this year we will be adding a new, ultra mild fabric wash to our repertoire. This formula was especial-ly created for hand washed items in need of a gentle, yet deep cleansing; Items such as STOCKINGS & NYLONS, lingerie, gloves, etc. Basically, anything delicate that needs to be handled and washed with special care. Our formula uses essential oils from vari-ous roses for a long lasting fragrance that will permeate your lingerie drawer, and the items in it, for days. I’m very proud of this new product. I’m also excited to announce
that Jo. SOAP Co. shot our first ever ad fea-ture this month. We were lucky enough to book the talented photographer, Roy Varga, of Varga Photography for that project. Who knows, maybe one day Jo. SOAP Co. will be advertising in Nylon-Zine
What has been the best highlight for you since we spoke last? Let’s see, since we last spoke I’ve become an “internationally” published pin-up/fe-tish model!! Back in late December, I was recently featured in one of the UK’s vintage inspired gentlemen’s magazines. Becoming internationally published was a celebrated milestone for me.
If you could choose between real vintage or retro clothes what would it be and why? Easy… I’d choose a real vintage item. It’s hard to surpass the handmade detail and quality of a true vintage piece; whether it be a piece of furniture, clothing, or an automo-bile. One hundred years later it will still be standing the test of time. Nothing is made like that anymore. It’s sad.

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