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Rita Ora,Lindsey Strutt ,  People Australia – 21 December 2015 nude ,  celebrities magazine Rita reckons she’s lost count of her nip slips!
it’s British singer and teevee personality Rita Ora flashing a wayward nipple in the public arena. Again. As delightful as it is to pery on the popsters delightful rack rivets — this time while exiting a London restaurant — it’s become something of a weekly occurrence, hasn’t it? We’re not bullshitting either. In fact, the 25-year-old UK X Factor judge says she’s lost count of the number of times she’s had a wardrobe malfunction. “It’s fun. It’s happened to me lots, so I’m not paranoid about it anymore,” she told Pommy tabloid The Sun. “You end up losing track of them.” She added, “Whatever, you have got to take some risks in fashion. That was a risk I took and I’m proud of it. I’ve always been the type to wear what I want. It’s all about being an individual. I feel comfortable in what I wear.” Although it appears Rita’s nips AREN’T so comfortable, which is why they keep trying to escape from her outfits as often as possible. oklo

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