Robyn Lawley Dinda Mauldina SAMMY DOLLACHA COWELL nude Maxim Indonesia – March 2016

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Robyn Lawley, Dinda Mauldina, SAMMY DOLLACHA COWELL, nude, Maxim Indonesia, March 2016

Robyn Lawley

Growing up in the suburb of the western region of Sydney and currently lives in Los Angeles, Robyn became known as a model stature was slim first appeared in fashion magazines, such as Vogue, Elle and Sports Illustrated edition swimsuit, as well as being a model for the campaign fashion leading brands such as Ralph Lauren. Sexy model from Australia was also made remarkable achievements other for the first time she became the cover for the magazine MAXIM. Enjoy!

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THE KEEN TO Dinda Mauldina

lines stern face makes face Dinda Mauldina impressed jutek and fierce. The reaction was cold when we met for the first time during a photocall at a restaurant in Kemang, South Jakarta. Just a simple small smile on his face that also looks beautiful when she first met him MAXIM. After the initial moment it was finished just like that without more conversation, Dinda Mauldina then passed undress for a photocall. Sucks impression is so pronounced that time. We think it’s worth if indeed he often had a role as a nasty woman at a few titles FTV. Or maybe because we have first to find out who he was until mindset we immediately said that she is the woman who sucks. Whatever it is, just a woman like this that makes us even more curious. And we also believe that you are like that. We still remember the first outfit he wears when new photo shoot really begins: a white blazer and white striped mini skirt black – alloys are fitted with the skin look smooth and white. Dinda who was so impressed annoying meme-sona us for some time with the appearance of sexy and elegant. Especially when the atmosphere in the first location that impressed vintage interior dominated by soft colors, such as white, gray, brown wood, and a beam of sunlight that makes it look like an angel. Angel sexy, right? Furthermore we so enjoyed this photo shoot to see alternate poses and clothes that we have prepared. At least we have prepared five different costume for her to wear during a photocall it. We began to be amazed and immediately deem annoying that appears at the beginning of the meeting slowly passed. We do not know when exactly, but calls Dinda as an antagonist dazzling match-fit course only.
BUSINESS WOMAN WANNA BE You might still not too familiar with this woman named Dinda Mauldina. As we mentioned above, Dinda has appeared several times as a ‘bad woman’ in some titles FTV. If you have ever watched a couple of times, maybe you start to remember it now. But it turns out his career in the art world role
MAXIM 78 March 2016
less desirable by Dinda. How come? “At first I was not interested in taking a job in acting, but manaje-men I continue to love encouragement. After a long time they seduce deceit me, finally I try and pass the casting. Yes, fun prizes just happens,” said Dinda. His decision to keep career he did a little make-ran, but his aspirations as a business woman back to make the subject come alive. The reason is, because usually se-lebritis prefers his world seem glamorous and highlights almost every day. However different Dinda, seven years into the future he imagined working at a company commensurate with his education in the field of development economics. “7 years in the future I will be working in a large company. Then after a few years of working there I want to make my own business. Right now, it still can not be a shadow of its business, but it seems to be towards a culinary or fashion,” said Dinda explain his mission 7 coming years. Then we tried to make it a little wobbly with the next question. “You work in a company as you want, the business is also being increased, but there is an offer air-play feature films abroad. Which one would you choose?” With his face a little indecisive while occasionally smiled at us, Dinda looks like being stuck in a situation. The answer is quite diplomatically, “If there is free time at work, why should skip this wide Iayar movie playing.”
LEISURE DINDA RULES “beach!” said Dinda time when his favorite destinations when it is free from all the routines. When compared with the travel to the mountains and the city, Dinda did prefer the beach as a vacation spot. Be noted, is berkriteria deserted beach, white sand and smooth, and the waves are not too big. Allowed him to better enjoy the rare vacation time earned while wearing a bikini in the sun. Ah, we quickly responded to the word ‘bikini’ by imagining her sexiness in a beautiful place it was. Lay down in the middle of a deserted beach and let his body littered with soft white sand beaches. Angan next? Surely the sea waves will be a sexy body soaks it. Ah, pity is a delusion. “If this year I had a chance to take a vacation, Pink Beach Flores will be the next Iiburan destination. The beach is deserted rich had their own? Yes bikini lah,” said Dinda about his dream destination. With the style of a luxury holiday and carrying a lot of luggage, vacation time during the four days is perfectly adequate for a Dinda. Naturally, she has always had more gear to carry than men. Ranging from clothes, shoes, suitcases make up that already take up much space, and perleng-when the other woman. The antagonist is said at least must carry at least two suitcases when leaving the streets. “But I sometimes like to add so the return of three suitcase whose contents souvenirs,” he says with a laugh. “Sometimes I even just bring enough clothes, but just roughly less so I bought clothes there. So all shopping for clothes and souvenirs,” he added. For entertainment songs of British band, Coldplay became his favorite for this year. The latest album A Head Full of Dreams recently issued amazingly feels special to Dinda. “Everglow” became one of the titles that are often heard repeated at a time. The lyrics are deep and are so striking message to Dinda, roughly, that’s why.

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How do you feel about the comeback of this shooting? It’s been a long time since the last time the photoshoot together MAXIM, with several sets of swimsuit. A fun moment every time together MAXIM.
Do not you think that you’re sexy? Do not you think that you’re sexy? Never! My daily life is very boyish style, only with a t-shirt and jeans. I rarely wear skirts too. Additionally, if you’re at the beach or pool, I do not wear a swimsuit or bikini. I’m pretty comfortable with t-shirt and shorts.
Which body part becomes your favorite? Nose. Everyone might think that I had plastic surgery, but the fact is I was born with a nose like this and I’m very grateful.
Of the two issues together MAXIM, which one do you choose? I love both. But I prefer the current edition previous editions because I think I’m still a bit young. Now I’m more mature to pose in this edition, therefore I prefer it with this edition.
What if the other appeared again with MAXIM? Of course, I want! It’s very challenging, because the concept is different from each edition MAXIM, so it would be very enjoyable as well.
Being an actress or a model? Both. Both are different things and very full of activity. People need a certain duration of time to see you acting with different characters, but modeling can quickly deliver some of the characters to the audience.
What is your main goal in the entertainment business? Right now I’m very happy, satisfied and proud with my life. Always change for the better every day. The fans or viewers come to know more about me and can accept it myself as an actress. My plan is to further enhance the ability to act and things related to it, because it is still very much to be learned.
Like what kind of man you want to be? I like the humble, not arrogant, and physically taller than me. I like the figure of a leader, able to appreciate family and friends, want to understand who I am and what I’m doing.
Do you like to travel, if so, where? I love the mountains, because it can restore a new energy and freshness.
MAXIM There is a message for the boys? I would like to invite them to read the entire article is another very attractive, more than just the beauty of women and sexuality. They will understand women better and their love life would be more fun.

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