Rosie Jones and Holly Peers Celebrity Nude People Australia – November 7-21, 2016

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Rosie Jones ,and, Holly Peers, Celebrity, Nude, People Australia, November 7-21, 2016

THEY’ R E not actual LESBIANS, but glamma models Rosie Jones and Holly Peers don’t mind mucking around with each other during saucy photographic shoots, whether it’s on satin sheets in a five-star hotel bedroom or on a sun-drenched Euro-beach, like in this pictorial. Can you blame them?
“Sometimes, I just can’t help myself,” laughs Rosie. “Holly’s got such AMAZING BOOBS that I couldn’t wait to whip off her top! I even tried to pull down her pants to get a look at her BRILLIANT BUM!” “Rosie’s so WILD!” giggles Holly. “You always know she’s going to be grabbing your boobs, pinching your bum and JUMPING ALL OVER YOU when you have a shoot together.” She continues, “It’s so much fun, though. Rosie’s got such an incredible body. I think we’ve become experts in taking off each other’s bikinis.” The naughty shenanigans don’t just stop at the water’s edge. The gals get crazy with each other when they’re having a big night out, which usually involves “lots of nudity and lots of food”, according to Rosie. “We always go to the same Chinese restaurant,” adds Holly, “and we really should be barred by now. I think they like booby girls in tiny dresses making a mess everywhere!” After lots of eating and BOOZING — “Holly’s the best drinker,” reckons Rosie — the babes head home and collapse into bed…TOGETHER. “We just pass out in our knickers and wake up in ONE SEXY HEAP,” explains Rosie. On a somewhat related note, Holly admits she’s currently binge-watching TV’s Orange Is The New Black: “It’s about women in prison — I think it might be helpful for us!” Watching all the hot lesbo action in the show might teach you a thing or two as well,

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