Rosie Jones Topless for the Happiest of Holidays

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Rosie Jones Topless for the Happiest of Holidays is not hard to understand why Rosie Jones remains one of Britain’s favourite pin-ups. But beyond the obvious – displayed over these six sizzling spreads – what might escape your notice is some of the finer details as to why we love The Jones. For example, her absolute dedication to chaos: every Rosie anecdote seems to start with., “OK, I was really drunk again…” and ends with lingerie, wet T-shirts and all-out nudity. It’s this attention to debauchery that puts her at the top of her tree. Forget gym sessions, smoothies and early nights: Rosie looks this good despite draining bars and out-partying her fellow glamour model squad. But more on them later. For now, let’s enjoy the peerless Ms Jones as she allows us to linger long on her lingerie… HI, ROSIE. WHAT ESCAPADES HAVE YOU BEEN ON LATELY? Ah, after a night out,

“This is my first ZOO Christmas shoot. . f hove getting sexy in the snow!”
tThat might,. hey. boon torn, awful bared., Ithoogh. WHATSTHE RUDEST GIFI,OUNE BEEN BOUGHITOR CHRISTMAS? A Me ata3 githnates Seotot Santo. looaght agamewithinflatable Ali. that, had to attach toy…head…1 bash…that Th. blow, penis. wer. rt a foot long! Y. had rola, each other,. the blow, penises on Yont heaol, DO YOU OWN A.:. FESTIVE OUTFIT? Ineaal mai a Sexy Santa outfit ffran the shoot today to wear.,


I was play-fighting with my friend and fell into a massive candle and caught fire. It was like the climax of an EastEnders Christmas special! My face and hair were covered in wax and, better still, there was a face-shaped dent in the candle. I should have sold it as a perfect likeness! WE NOTICE THAT —APART FROM YOUR OBVIOUS CHARMS —YOU’RE QUITE THE BOOZEHOUND? I’m all or nothing. I save it up for when I go out with the Boob Troupe —my fellow ZOO and Page 3 glamour girls. When we shoot abroad, we fill up a supermarket trolley with Disaronno and Jagermeister, turn the cheesy music up full blast and spend the night chucking each other into the pool… naked. HOW NAUGHTY DO THESE JOLLIES GET? Pretty naked and wet! Kelly Hall stuck a video of me up on Instagram


Rosie-Jones-Goes-Holiday-Topless-For-Zoo-Magazine-01-675x900 Rosie-Jones-Goes-Holiday-Topless-For-Zoo-Magazine-02-675x900 Rosie-Jones-Goes-Holiday-Topless-For-Zoo-Magazine-03-580x435 Rosie-Jones-Goes-Holiday-Topless-For-Zoo-Magazine-04-675x900 Rosie-Jones-Goes-Holiday-Topless-For-Zoo-Magazine-05-675x900

funny. They also thought it was hilarious that India was called India – it’s like me being called England! FINALLY, WHAT BOXSET DO YOU WANT FOR CHRISTMAS? I need a Breaking Bad replacement. I’ve started Homeland but it’s nowhere near as good. Tweet me suggestions, people!

Rosie-Jones-Goes-Holiday-Topless-For-Zoo-Magazine-06-675x900 Rosie-Jones-Goes-Holiday-Topless-For-Zoo-Magazine-07-675x900 Rosie-Jones-Goes-Holiday-Topless-For-Zoo-Magazine-08-675x900 Rosie-Jones-Goes-Holiday-Topless-For-Zoo-Magazine-09-675x900 Rosie-Jones-Goes-Holiday-Topless-For-Zoo-Magazine-10-675x900 Rosie-Jones-Goes-Holiday-Topless-For-Zoo-Magazine-12-675x900 Rosie-Jones-Goes-Holiday-Topless-For-Zoo-Magazine-13-580x435 Rosie-Jones-Goes-Holiday-Topless-For-Zoo-Magazine-14-675x900 Rosie-Jones-Goes-Holiday-Topless-For-Zoo-Magazine-15-675x900 Rosie-Jones-Goes-Holiday-Topless-For-Zoo-Magazine-16-675x900 Rosie-Jones-Goes-Holiday-Topless-For-Zoo-Magazine-17-675x900