Samantha Saint Topless The Picture – 14 November 2016

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 Samantha Saint, Topless, The Picture , 14 November 2016, Samantha Saint definitely doesn’t live up to her name WE THOUGHT saints were the holiest of the holy, the cream of the Christian crop, the beautest of the BIBLE-BASHERS, those people who wouldn’t sin even if their life depended on it. Well, the lovely Samantha Saint has proved us wrong. VERY wrong. Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, the 29-year-old STUNNA only got into the wild world of professional rooting ‘cos she got bored one day and wondered what it would be like to get BONED on camera. “I would say curiosity got me into porn,” PONDERED the chesty champion. “I always loved modelling, being in front of the camera and the glamour of it all. But little did I know it’s a lot more fun when you add nudity and sex into the mix!” A lot more fun for us, too, we must say. Had any weird experiences in the JIZZ BIZ so far? “I did a scene that required me to take massive loads of fake cum all over me. The concoction was water

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