Scarlet Starr alternative fashion glamour Tattooed model San Francisco USA

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nude naked bare 21 year old model based in the Oakland/ SF area. I enjoy long walks in Azeroth and sleeping until noon.

I post things that amuse me, which are generally related to video games, science fiction, dinosaurs, cosplay, or cute fuzzy animals… in addition to my own work and career updates now and then. Welcome to my weird, weird world. Enjoy the ride!1 2 3 4 5 282046_534701406545056_407145119_n 527544_534227639925766_231665312_n 550364_534226726592524_1325370399_n 971152_659322567416272_1339998035_n 1312752772-1203_pic11379421903-1203_pic1 1379421966-1203_pic2 1379422021-1203_pic4 1379422107-1203_pic8 1379422202-1203_pic10 1379422268-1203_pic11 scarletstar27 scarletstarr06 scarletstarr10 scarletstarr13