Selena Gomez Shows Legs in Terry Richardson Photoshoot

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Selena Gomez: sexy dances and red leather to conquer a male audience …

At a time when the turkeys were zigouiller and where the American people gathered to celebrate Thanksgiving, Selena Gomez took his return home , close to his hometown of Grand Prairie, Thursday, Nov. 28 , to occur aT & T Stadium at halftime of a game in the NFL, the American Football League .

The local team Dallas Cowboys received the Oakland Raiders . And history to entertain the audience time to break the star, who has just completed his American tour Stars Dance Tour , has not failed to play extra time performance noticed. Public not necessarily conquered beforehand that the ex -girlfriend of Justin Bieber has attracted effectively blows sexy choreography and catchy songs .

No doubt her little striptease number suggesting a sexy leather outfit has largely contributed to the conquest of the mostly male audience … Miley Cyrus had better watch out!

Flanked by some dancers , former heroin Disney made ​​the show , performing some of the songs of his repertoire, such as Come and get it , before wishing the audience a “Happy Thanksgiving .”

Waiting to travel around Asia and Oceania with his tour from January, Selena Gomez recently revealed his desire for cinema in 2014. ” After this tour , I’ll take time for me to devote myself fully to my film career,” she said. Having played opposite Vanessa Hudgens and James Franco in the large trash Spring Breakers , released last spring, the pretty brunette is expected in early 2014 showing Getaway with Ethan Hawke and Jon Voight .

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