Shonda Mackey Voodoo Tattoo Revue – Issue 175 2016

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Shonda Mackey, Voodoo, Tattoo Revue, Issue 175, 2016


Photos By: Carrie Hampton
Originally I’m from Boise, Idaho but I just moved to the tropical paradise Gulf Shores Alabama. I am a lead bartender at Cowgirls Bar at the Wharf but I own .4nd manage 3 other business ventures. My favorite hobby is safe to say being an erati-epreneur. I’m•an avid photographer and cos-metologist, as well.: I love helping others realize A hidden talents and self-worth.
My skin has been a canvas to the very talented Michael Swan of Resurrected Tattoo and Piercing In Boise Idaho but I also have a very special piece done by the Mike DeVries of MD Tattoo Studio in Northridge, California.
Tattoos are my favorite form of self-expression. All of mine have deep sentimental meaning or im-portant life references.

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Shonda Mackey

Shonda Mackey is one tattooed model you better keep your eyes on! She is a small town girl from Colorado who has made a name for herself worldwide and has now chased her dream to the big city of Los Angeles. -e4. , • ‘604, “Al ‘ We took some time to look over Shonda’s tattoos and it almost seems as though her body was designed for them. How do they fit her natural curves so well you may ask? She strategically placed them this way! “I don’t like chunky tattoos that take attention away from my natural curves, I think tattoos should

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