Skylar Grey Heats Up Inked Magazine

2 years ago by in News

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Thanks to our friends at the super cool Inked Magazine for this simply hot body art homage to the delicious and lyrical Skylar Grey. I’ve been thinking about Skylar Grey recently as they keep running her I’m Coming Home song in those omnipresent Budweiser commercials during sporting events. I’ve also been thinking about her because she’s a vastly underrated hottie, and now quite much undressed and showing off her tats for Inked.

I mean, I respect musical artistry, but that doesn’t mean I want to see all musicians in just their jeans and no top. Just a select few. Including Skylar who really does deserve some more lust from the gentleman ogling community. If this is the start of her coming out (more) party, consider me ready to don the silly hat and blow the noisemakers. I really do so desire Skylar.

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