Sunday Sport Topless Celebrities magazine – 4 January 2015

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Sunday Sport Topless Celebrities magazine – 4 January 2015

THE latest Bond movie starring Daniel Craig was announced last year, and fans were quickly drooling over the MIG agent’s femme fatales. Skyfall director Sam Mendes revealed that Monica Bellucci, SO, and Lea Seydoux, 29, would be the new Bond girls – making Spectre’s line-up one of the sexiest EVER! Both girls have appeared totally NUDE: Lea in lesbo drama Blue Is the Warmest Colour. and Monica in, well, EVERYTHING!

THE nerve shredding remake of Mad Max has got to be the most explosive road movie of the year…and here’s the boobs that will be DRIVING you wild! Oscar•winning babe Charlize Theron. 39, gave us a cheeky glimpse of her perky pair In comedy Head In the Mods. And the film also stars stunning supermodel Rosie Huntington.Whiteley. 27. has flashed her boobs for several raunchy photo shoots.

Katie McGrath It’s been 22 years since the catastrophic events of Jurassic Park and a corporation has built another dinosaur theme park in Central America. but after a genetic experiment goes wrong, a hybrid dino ends up running wild on the island. Keep an eye out for Katie McGrath, 31. who previously stripped off in naughty mini• series Labyrinth in 2012.

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SIZZLING Sophie Reade today lets slip her kinky GIRL-ON•GIRL secret. The busty blonde 30H pin-up shot. to fame on 2609s Big Brother. winning admirers thanks to her pert puppies. And Sophie. from Nantwich. Cheshire. says it’s not just fellas who chat her up. admitting she gets more WOMEN trying to pull her than men these days. Gorgeous Sophie. former girlfriend of Liverpool footballer Mario Balotelli. confesses: ‘Girls come up to me and speak to me. “Before I went on Big Brother it was all guys. but now it’s mainly girls – its brilliant!” The telly bottle is partial to slap and tickle in the bedroom. She added: ‘I like my S&M stuff, but favourite thing to wear for sex is my naughty maid outfit. ‘it at always guaranteed to get a good reaction!”

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GALLOPING glamour babe Hannah Elizabeth knows how to keep her cracking curves up to scratch — she rides bareback! Scouse stunna Hannah, 24, has opened up about her rigorous training regime, admitting that she keeps her bum pert by straddling a muscly beast — her favourite horse. Hannah – a bra•busting 32G – said: l work hard to stay in shape so I’m at ease with taking my clothes off. ‘If I’m not polo-dancing or boogying in nightclubs, I’m horseriding, which keeps my bum and leg. in top shape. ‘A quick trip out riding is better than hours in the gym.” And Hannah reckons her heaving top rack is still GROWING. The blonde, who had a boob job back in January 2013. said: “Since I’ve had them done they keep growing. At this rate I’ll be a H cup. The , bigger the better in I my book!.

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