Sunshine Shen Dasha Snezhaya Top American Student Playboy Romania – March 2016

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Sunshine Shen
Sunshine Shen is 24 years old and was born in the town Haerbin of China. But at heart. She is a typical girl in Florida has increased in Miami and had the privilege to experience the most luxurious standards lives in South Florida. “I admit I was lucky. Primarily because I had the chance to live in areas fantastic, and Honolulu, Maui and Las Vegas. Now stand a few years in Beverly Hills and I do not intend to me moving from sunny California in the next years. I love the atmosphere here .and posh, too, the idea of ​​living in the city with the most famous ZIP code in the world “. Sunshine has several hobbies at all unusual: he likes to spend free time with friends, sii come together to brunches and fun of the latest gossip. “Shopping site is my passion and I am a lover of shoes. I love brands like Christian Louboutin. Fendi and Giuseppe. The best way for me to enter the soul is to buy me a pair of designer shoes.” So far, Sunshine is not involved in a relationship because … “I use the time to know me better myself insâ’mi. The last few years have been dedicated to someone else and the transition period is really interesting. I started to focus more on what I want from life and what I need to learn from the position of woman Timar “. intidnirea perfect? “Oscillated between a romantic picnic on a white beach, accompanied by strawberries with chocolate and champagne pink moscato or … a quiet brunch in a private room of the restaurant Nobu in Malibu.”

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Top American Student

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YEARS AND WAS BORN in Moscow. HIDDEN BEAUTY He could not stay, so PLAYBOY took 0 0 photo shoot at the Dead Sea in Israel. RESULT WAS FANTASTIC!

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