Sylvie van der Vaart – Separation was like a guerrilla war !

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The photo of the legendary New Year’s Eve is still on the Twitter page of Sylvie van der Vaart : Almost a year ago is that the TV presenter in shooting of – arm in arm with estranged husband Rafael and the then best girlfriend Sabia Boulahrouz – sent to their fan base. “Hope u all have a great party ,” she wrote – shortly after the separation of the glamor couple was followed by seemingly all of a sudden . The beginning of a year full of headlines about the van der Vaart , the Sylvie now compared to a ” guerrilla war.” From all corners have been able to get something – ” and that has done it.” The divorce on Wednesday to draw at least on paper, the final stroke .

Flashback: In that New Year’s Eve , in front of the van der Vaart had also shown together with son Damian as a happy family under the Christmas tree on a photo to be escalated by hand marriage crisis. The ” Couple of the Year” in 2008 are on the 2nd January officially announced in a statement through a common attorney in Amsterdam: “Both have come to the realization that they have grown apart in the past. ” The divorce should be handled with mutual respect . Both called the media to exercise restraint , further comments on it there would not be one of them.

The set also TV presenter Guenther Jauch , in the RTL show ” 2013 people , pictures, emotions! ” Sylvie van der Vaart on Sunday evening was a guest , stated: ” One has also seen : They both have about each other himself not a single bad lost word . ” Nevertheless, the separation of Hamburg ‘s favorite Dutchman has repeatedly hit the headlines. “This year, it has often been that people around us found it necessary to sell their story ,” said Sylvie van der Vaart . ” For money or for attention ” would have people they have trusted , given to the press – ” where we wanted to keep our marriage still honored .”

Sylvie Meis is now
The 35 -year-old could read about in the newspapers , which ex-boyfriends to spill the beans about it – to intimate details . Most recently, she confessed in the magazine ” Closer” an escapade with a pilot three years ago – an interview published in parallel with that pilots in the “Gala” . Despite separation , they still think fondly Rafael every day, she said in the magazine ” Bunte” . He ‘ll always be one of the most important men in her life. The HSV- professional , 30, however, expected with his new girlfriend Sabia a baby. The girl is to come in the spring to the world, told triple Mama Sabia .

This Sabia was once considered Sylvie ” BFF ” ( Best Friend Forever ) . Especially in the first period after the separation, the two women seemed inseparable – whether on shopping trips or the red carpet. However, in April the relationship between Rafael and Sabia was known. ” In the last few weeks have been with us developed two surprisingly strong feelings ,” he said – and looked on Facebook insults exposed . ” I wish all the best,” was the comment of his ex-partner to the love between ex-husband and ex- bosom friend . The latter , in turn, could not later take to present their views on Sylvie’s affairs in the ” Bild” newspaper .

With the wedding Rafael and Sabia want , however latest reports still leave time . Until then, the name of Rafael van der Vaart page intentionally left blank – Sylvie Meis wants her maiden name again assume . ” A new life , a new name ,” she explained in the RTL show . Also for her ex-husband there as the “freedom that he again completely completely his own name has come ” . The next ” Let’s Dance ” show on RTL ‘ll already Sylvie Meis as a present , she announced – and added: ” It does mur sorry if I have disappointed people , but I hope that 2014 is a good year . ”

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