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nude naked Alexis Adams  nikko Hustado tattoo art Mutant has been expressing himself thrpugh art since childhood and started studying seriously at 16. Later, after working Qpnstructipn tpr three years, iisurtado visited a buddy who was working as a tattoo artist and accepted an apprenticeship. Just a yea rafter that, a client entered a Batman color portrait Hurtado had done in the Pomona Tattoo Portrait Contest and it won first place. The image went viral inthe tattoocomnnunity (we’retalking pre-Twitter. Facebook. a nd I nstagram). and Hurtado’s rep was made. Hurtado has tattooed plenty of telebrities•–frOM Drake, Fred Duff!, Brandon Boyd, and Andrew W.K. to Jenna Jameson, Jesse James, and Kat Von D —and appearedonLA ink. Tattoo Wars. Teri & Dean. and ink master. Since 2009. he’s been working out of hisown Black Anchor Collective tattoo studio, and now he’s expanded that brand, with its ubiquitous black anchor—a nod Lathe classic tattoo image—into a productline. But he pours himself into his oil paintings, many of which can be seen in these photos, and last year he had his first solo show. This is a man who understands beauty, style, and thecreative spirit: who captures images on canvas and on skinthat transform blank slates into gorgeous expressions of self …and now he’s done it In photographs.
Well,’ guess we should Just Jump right Into It. You get acall tram Penthouse glv Ing you I ken s. to produce a shoot based entirely on what youlthink makesa girt hot. wheredoyoueven start’? I’ve been tattooing for 13 years, a nd
“I. figured, Whynotdo alakeonmintingsive seen?…1 thinkthata woman’s figure is sexy and that art is sexy. When I see beautiful paintings of beautiful women … to me, that s just it.”

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enjoy it. I need a littlebit of a chase.
Its gotta be Impossible to expert-fitriCe ischase” when” yOsi sPend the dry telling’, hot girl what to doand how to dolt. She was very modest. Every time we stopped shooting, she would get dressed. To me. that’s awesome. To me, that’s sexy. She was proud to be naked—she was proud of her body and proud of herself —but at the same time, she had a little modesty. so it wasgood.
So thoro was more to It than just &fantasy modal a net aninsplring backdrop? I really need an Interngent person. That’s the most important thing. I spend timewithpeeple everyday. I tattoo a lot of women who a re beautify’, /3;4 think, You’re so beautiful, but i can never spend rim a with you because there’s no substance. I like substance.i like conversation.
DO you have a favorite body pa rt that you were trying to highlight? What’s weird is that during the photo shoot I realized that I like necks. I like a slender neck, Weird, right?
Urn—like thewhole body, ()Foal, rse. I tike the hips. But there’ssomething about the neck._ the neck and shoulders. I don’t know. I have no idea.
Isthat your favorite body part to tattoo? Not at allTattooing is different. I want the easiest body part thearm or the leg. Something simple.
“First and foremost, I’m a tattooer… It’s my heart and soul, and I’m grateful for everythnc tattooing has brought me But . I tattoo for you. . Painting is for me. It’s a release.”

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Pop Shots Is an Interesting exercise because it force* you tothink about thethings thatyou normally feel but don’t a aallyx., Was there any-thing about this processt hat surprised you? I’m on a constant discovery. As an artist, I have to be honest with myself. Trying to f Ind out whe I am is the process of the rest of my life, so I am trying to be really intouch with my emotionsand my feelings. I’m trying to not shy away from those things. The thing I learned the most fromthis process is being able tostep away, Watching the photographer do her work, it was really inspiiiN.
How does the finished product stack up to the vision in your head? I think that, like everyone. I have a dark and a light side. I think that the piCtereS have the balance of light and dark in them and feel more like me because I have both.The contrast in the photos is what I wanted because I feel that I need a full rangeto represent me.
Doyou have a favorite photo? There was one photo in particular with her lying down asifl wa swing to draw her. To have a woman who’s lying there, and hopefully articulate and intelligent—you can Just sit there and spend hocirs painting her. That picture reminds me of an old painting. And it sparks up Mot of differentideas and emotions. When I go to a museum, I sometimes feel overwhelmed with the level of the artist’s ability, but I’m also overwhelmed with the amou n t of sadness that I feel, because these people most likely died without accomplishing everything they wanted ROSS angietist. They were Ort sucha chase. I feel the same thing when lookat [these photos].
Howse? There are so many emotions that come up: You’re sett-destructive, and stuff like that. Putting too much pretsure no ytiunself.You’releColcirig at the picture from where I’m sitting. I’m giving peoptea window into what i see and what I do on a regular basis. With this photo, it has my paintings in the backg round.Th is photo Is Just one story, one day in ourlives:the story of our photo shoot. But all of these Individual pieces in thebackgreuncl have their own story, and each represents a different time In My life, This one photo encompasses more of me

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