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NUDE NAKED  23 GLAMOUR  PoiII Alphonse – May Pauline, you otes a model based in Lyon. Can you tell us a bit more? Pauline Santameria_fai starts the photo if mointenont two years ago. One of my ramonito is amateur and she photogrophe ovait need a model for of cliches. She has me so offers to pose for it of I accepts. Some of these last have ate seen by a professional photographer. II 64 person concerned and a wish trovailler ovec Word is comma this that everything has beginning & for a year, I realized Fagan regular shootings. Cod has ports its fruit because I am now part of a model agency bases in Lyon. In addition to celo, I am possionnee by everything a photogrophie celo soil must or behind the lens as I Hoa be side ortislique side discipline.

A – May in eludiant your book, we have noted that you are working with little photo-graphes ditlerents. Is this a choice on your part? PS the main reason is that rainy work ovec memos photographers because I have my ovec habits each of them. We know, I’m a liaise before their goal and I love lour work. In addition to cola, ovec for some of them, we became omitted and feels cola gifts photographs McNees. I do Pais shootings only to ask of rocuperer my photos. good relations ovec ø lapprocie the photo-graphes and keep contact with them out of the shootings. These collaborations do sound? therefore not simple to build and it is to reason principole to the fact that I & noose regularly with mimes photographers.
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A Meg_Lingerie, fashion, Nu. Do you want to move your career to a specific domain?AS currently I do not want my career towards a particular area because I love touch everything if I can tell. According to the proposed provisions that I get, I selects those that interest me and that can make me evolve and whatever the domain. For you
“Currently I do not want my career towards a particular area because I love touch everything if I can tell.”
give an example I just through my agency, turning advertisements. This is something very different from the unmistakably. My main goal is to take pleasure in what I do regardless of the field or discipline.
A – Mag you are part of an agency of Manna-quin. Have you encountered difficulties to integrate because of your “small” (1 m 65)? PS, it has not been easy because below I m70 many doors close to you. Most agencies unwilling to me simply because, given my size, I’ll never be a star model if I can tell. It is extremely complicated to be a name and a place in this environment when one has the “morphology type’ so if you don’t have it, some agencies are counting on you.However one day, a photographer friend offered me a casting for the Agency Enjoy.I me there went with as main goal to introduce myself and me to know. To my own surprise, I’ve been shooting for the casting and the Agency.
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Generally, I can more easily play a role of distraught of edgy, cheeky or caused nt
A Mag what is up here your best memory as a model? PS It’s hard to stand out only good memories because shootings vary enormous – ment depending on the photographer, the place or the context yet.If I have to pick one, it would be my first shooting. It was winter and I had to be naked donations a park. There were passers-by who were their jogging or that walking their dog. For a first experience it was really radical and I had to adapt very quickly. By zero degree, I had to play the fact that it was fine and that I felt well gifts nature. It was during this shoofing that I discovered that I liked this and that I’ve taken a liking. There are also other shootings that I enjoyed and during which I let go but not also marking that. Each meeting is different in terms of atmosphere or style so it is very complicated to compare and that is what is interesting.
A Mag what emotion or the easiest situation to play for you when you are in front of the lens? PS Generally, I can more easily play a role of distraught of edgy, cheeky or causing that is in the expression of the face, attitude, or the expression of the emotions. I get more to play this kind of emotion rather than the emotions that I would describe as more feminine and fragile.
A Mag seen from outside, the middle of models is extremely competitive. Is this really the case? PS indeed, competition is very stiff between the models. In addition to this, in the middle of the photograph there is a lot of hypo-crisie and jealousy.Personally, I try to keep me away from all this. I have enough competition from other models to not play this kind of game. It is very difficult to make a name and to stand out from the crowd.
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I think that we must have talent but, also and above all, much luck to drill in this medium. Personally I have to share my integration in an agency. I thus make me know as can attest the number of people who follow me on my Facebook page. This means that people appreciate my work.This is fun and makes me proud.
A Mag what are your next important deadlines? Pro will soon move on Paris because many photographers which I appreciate their work want that us colla-borions together. With my agency I soon ask for a catalog of brand of clothing. your next few months promise to be rich and interesting.
A – Can Mag_Oue we wish for more? PS before all else, photography is a passion for me. If I manage to give it would be pleased but this isn’t my first lens. You should also remember that most of the pictures are retouched. In “real life”, all of the models are “ugliest” or any «less beautiful» cos I am so careful never to forget this point
However, I hope to continue to have fun during my photo shoots. Enjoy every moment and work with great photographers. In addition, I hope that my pictures will continue to please the audience.
A May Pour finish, if a young lemme ask you advice in order to become a model, that would you? PS Is ideal whether manna-quin morphology is, say at least 1 m 70. That she does not hesitate to touch many areas and that it is not limited to a particular area. Don’t hesitate to reach out to others to so many contacts with photographers primarily because it is thanks to them and carried out collaborations regardless of whether or not it is going to be able to be known in the middle. Beside that, it must remain itself, unadorned. On shadow, must be that it radiates what it is, his personality. It is this that people like looking at a picture, the charm of the model.. «»
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