Angela Torres Ava Lange Maxim South Africa – April 2016

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Angela Torres,Ava Lange, Maxim South Africa, April 2016

Angela Torres

Some women say that growing up they would see photographs of models in magazines and this is what inspired them to pursue the industry. Was this the case for you? It’s more than that. I would say that for me it’s about being able to be the voice of motivation for others who think that something may be impossible. It’s all about reaching your goals and becoming what you really want to be.
What would you say is the most challenging shoot you have ever had to do – between the locations, outfits and objectives? The most challenging one was definitely one that I did on the beach. It was in winter and I had to spend 8 hours in the cold water. That experience taught me to be humble and to give my best at all times, and most importantly, to be respectful of the people who work with me.
Tell us about the funniest thing that happened to you while working. Well, up until now I can’t think of any particular shoot that was just a laugh a minute, but I can honestly say that I always try to have the best time while working.
The age-old question, if you were stranded on an island, and could only have 3 items with you what would they be? First, I would want a knife, so I can kill something to eat. Second, I would want a lighter to be able to make a fire so that I can cook what I have killed. And third, I would make the whole problem easier by having my boyfriend there so that he can do the killing and cooking and I won’t actually have to do anything. What are the top qualities you look for in a man? He must be funny, driven and goal-oriented. I like a man who is romantic, in a traditional yet old-fashioned way. He must be sexy and classy, ooze confidence, and must also be intelligent and quick on his feet.
Speaking of men, tell us about the worst date you ever went on, or a pick up line that definitely didn’t get him that date. This is one I will never forget. He took me for dinner at a gas station, because according to him the sandwiches and hot dogs are “the bomb”.
Let’s talk chocolate (body chocolate). Would you say that you are an “adventurous” type of woman? Oh absolutely, pour it on!
If you had to put a profile on Tinder, how would you describe yourself? I am a sensual and creative woman who is adventurous. I am considerate and respectful towards others.
Walk us through your daily routine. I have a juice for breakfast and then I meditate. After that, I review my schedule and then go to the gym. Once done working up a sweat, I tend to business whether it be responding to emails, shoots, castings, night appearances or promotional events. Finally, I would get some beauty sleep after catching up on some Hot Tamales on TV with comedian Kiki Melendez and drinking my favorite alkaline water, Divine

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Ava Lange

An actrss, an animal-lover and fiercely huhpendent, Ava Lange is definitely not the type of woman that we would catch and release.
You were born on a fishing resort, so would you say you are you a catch-and-release kind of girl? It depends on the lake. Catch and release is good when there is a minimal amount of fish, but if the lake is over-populated it can stunt the growth of the fish and affect the vegetation, which can alter the eco system. So it’s a really a matter of balance.
Your passion for acting found you at about 8 years old but you only pursued your dream when you turned 18. Looking back now, do you think that it was necessary for you to finish school first? Absolutely, growing up in a small town with a very close family taught me the values and morals that I have today.
Was the move to Los Angeles a difficult one, considering you grew up in a small-town environment? At the time it wasn’t a difficult decision at all, because I was so overwhelmed with excitement. If I had known how big the
city of Los Angeles actually was, and how challenging the entertainment industry is, I may have been a little intimidated. I guess what they say is true: ignorance is bliss.
Tell us about your first big break. To be honest, I would be lying if I said I’ve hit my big break. I have a lot of goals I haven’t yet attained. With that said, I am very proud of the billboard I was featured in for 138 Water on Sunset Boulevard. I am also proud to be featured in Sports Illustrated.
We see you are a supporter of animal rights and we love that. Can we expect to see you in any PETA ads any time soon? I love animals, and I feel it’s important for us to speak up and be the voice that they don’t have. I would be honored to work with PETA, but I don’t have any plans to at that moment.
You are turned on by dominance in a man but obviously there is a line between dominant and demanding. How would
you manage someone who oversteps that line? I think it’s very important to lay down your boundaries at the early stages of a relationship so that you can prevent the miscommunications between dominance and being demanding. I also think that it’s crucial to have your own independent lives. This keeps the spark going and can prevent a demanding, co-dependent relationship.
There is a saying, “You can easily judge the character of others by how they treat those who can do nothing for them or to them.” Do you agree with this statement? 100% – I believe that your character is the essence of your very being.
What can we expect from you this year? I will be featured on another billboard campaign for 138 Water, and I have a role in Apple’s new scripted television series. I am looking forward to 2016 and all the new and exciting opportunities

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