Anna & Lisa Heyse – German

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Anna & Lisa Heyse – topless, nackt,  German to be brought by the twins Anna and Lisa at the same time out of his mind, who would it not daydreaming? True was the dream but only twice – almost: ers-at least a flirt, but the did not end in bed, because there they have the men prefer either alone, say Anna and Lisa. And secondly, the double shoot for Playboy Photograph-fen, which had however keep a clear head and an accurate view … Not so easy, because the sexy single sisters are a dazzling turned-spieltes Team: flirt dream about who live together in a Berlin I / VG, go best with a friend and ge-Niessen – in addition to good wine and good food – the views which they take in a double at: “As soon pull some men after us to” says Anna the 21-year-old blondes have even learned the same profession (graphic designer) and share the same hobbies with each other (yoga, photography, etc.) Nevertheless, they are still never got their men stories in the way because they have different claims…: Lisa have dark hair, humor and style in a man important. For Anna, he should be as large and athletic, respectful towards women and know exactly what he wants. The only common criterion of the duo infernal. “We are both in mature and older men,” says Anna The know that you can do much more a woman with charm and small gestures than with material things for themselves gewin-nen “So you can… not impress us. “, explain the Twins How she pampered, they left the Playboy shoot on” Castle Mill “hinted” there a fabulous scenery in which you almost feel a bit like a princess! “Get princesses allegedly not everything they want? For these two is true for sure!

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