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eve Campbell and Denise Richards in the pool in Wild Things. Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman in the bedroom in Black Swan. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair in the park in Cruel Intentions. Iconic lady-on-lady cinematic moments so brilliantly erotic, so unimaginably sexy, that they’ve gone on to not just define the movies themselves, but the pop cultural eras to which they belong. Add to those that hot-tub scene in the Harmony Korine-directed 2012 instant cult classic Spring Breakers, in which Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens and James Franco take a, erm, dip. It is, without exaggeration, one of mainstream cinema’s most brilliantly erotic scenes. It’s also the scene in which we realised that rule-breaking Ashley Benson is one of the sexiest women in Hollywood and the entire goddamn world. She’s a lot more than just a pretty face too. Not only is she knocking on the door of AAA-list status in Tinseltown with a series of big roles in big movies; she’s also funny, intelligent and, as FHM found out when we spoke to her, very, very cool. These qualities have combined to make her one of the internet’s most-followed people (not just actresses – people). She’s got more followers on Instagram than Barack Obama, P Diddy or Lady Gaga. Not bad, given that she’s just turned 25…
FHM: Congrats on your first FHM cover, Ashley! According to the Internet, you’re Irish, English and German. Is that true? Yes! And I’m also Swedish, Norwegian and Indian. I think that’s it. Have you been to all those places? Erm, no. But I have been to London a lot. I love it – I’d rather live in Europe than LA. Could you deal with the rain? I love the rain. Since I’ve lived in LA, I don’t get rain at all. I would love it. You’re 25 now, but you’ve been in the entertainment industry for a while, right? Yes. I started dancing when I was, like, two. But acting, I was maybe 10. You started out in a bunch of commercials. What sort of stuff were you selling? My first real commercial was a Domino’s pizza advert. So I had to eat, like, a hundred slices of pizza. I was young, so I didn’t realise that you were allowed to spit the pizza out. I thought you had to swallow it every time, I felt so sick! It sounds amazing, but after 12 hours you never want to see pizza again. After that you were hi the soap opera, Days Of Our Lives, which apparently isn’t just a fictional show Joey stars in in Friends? Ha, yes it is real. It’s been around way too
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long, but it’s exactly like it’s portrayed in Friends. It’s basically the most dramatic thing that you’ll ever watch in your life. The actors are crying in every episode or are in some other really extreme situation, like they got killed last night and then next week they’re back from the dead. It doesn’t even make sense. When I started on the show the day before my episode aired, the character I was playing was 12 with brown hair; then the following day I came on and I was playing a 16 year old with blonde hair. Did you perfect your fake crying? Oh yeah. I can usually cry on cue, but if you’ve been fake crying for 10 hours and you’re tired and can’t cry any more, they have these little eye blowers. They blow this stick in your eye – it’s like an icy peppermint thing and it literally makes your eye, like, fill with water. Your first big break after that was Pretty Little Liars, which is pretty huge in the US, right? Yes, it is! To people in the UK who haven’t seen it, I’d describe it as a crazy, mysterious, action-packed one-hour drama. You’re obviously pretty and, at 5ft 5in, you just about qualify as little. But are you a good liar? I think so, but only white lies now and then. How about if a guy put in a, let’s say, “weak” sexual performance and asked how it was? I’d say, “That was great!” And then never call them again. You starred in Spring Breakers, which was one of FHM’s favourite films of the past couple of years. Did you think it would become such an instant cult hit? It was amazing working with Harmony Korine [director, also wrote Kids]. Every thing he does just turns to gold, so I knew it would be a great experience. There’s a lot of sex and drugs and violence in the movie – were you nervous about that after your squeaky-clean TV past? I definitely was nervous, but I knew what I was getting into. When I first read the script, I knew that the character was me. I related to her on so many levels – she was just so fun to be able to mess around with. It’s interesting that you say you relate to your character, Brit, who’s a grocery store-robbing, binge-drinking, threesome-having party animal… Ha! Yeah, not like that. I’m one of the most boring people you will ever meet. I stay at home, play with my dogs and then go to a nice restaurant, that’s my life. But there is a side to me that likes to go out with my friends and have a good time, and Brit reminded me of me when I was 19, trying to figure myself out, just doing what I wanted. You’re better behaved than her though? Hell yes. I’ve never done drugs in my life, it’s just not a part of me. It was awful when we had to snort ‘coke’ in the movie… we had to crush up B12 vitamins, and it just hurt

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She’s the magnificent model with ninja-smooth moves. Melissa Satta will literally make your groin go all funny…

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the world’s greatest Gumtree advert: `Sexy, single Italian model. Returning from Boston, US. Seeks average-looking male flatmate to hang out with and have regular, `no-strings’ full sex. No time-wasters.’ Sadly, it’s not a real advert, but effectively the premise of Melissa Satta’s saucy Italian sitcom in which she plays the aforementioned dream housemate. The Comedy Central series is just one of the more recent strings to Satta’s ever-growing bow, which boasts acting, pro-football, comedy, game show-hosting and Chuck Norris-approved karate. Hence the reference to her being a ninja, although for legal reasons we can’t imply that she’s actually killed anyone with bare hands. She did, however, bag a gold medal at the Italian Karate Championships. Although born in Boston, US, Satta chopped her way into the limelight after moving to Italy to star in numerous high-end adverts and glossy fashion shoots. Since then her profile has exploded, meaning you’d be just as likely to see her on Italian telly screens as you would tourists making dicks out of themselves in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Like some sort of Frankenstein’s Monster of incredible women, she’s as well known for her acting and football punditry as she is her mind-blowing modelling shoots. Melissa’s Comedy Central (Italy) web series was essentially a carbon copy of the Justin Timberlake/ Mila Kunis romp Friends With Benefits, and was called Amid @ Letto (which translates as Friends @ Bed). Although her Italian co-star looks

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