Black Men – April 2015

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Photographer – 2020 Photography Stylist: Marcus Blassingame I MUA: George Mckenney I Hair: (Day 1) Da’Aira Randle I (Day 2) Styles By Tierra By Mantle Pendexter he Detroit native, Chandra Davis – best known as Deelishis – has been seen on all different forms of media. First introduced to the world during her time on Flavor Flav’s hit reality TV series “Flavor of Love 2” (VH1), followed by appearances in numerous magazines and magazine covers, advertisements, independent films, and hosting radio shows and events around the world, the urban model/actress with the voluptuous frame has taken her celebrity status to new heights.
Here at Black Men mag, we just can’t get enough of the “deelishisness,” so we present to you our editorial homage to Deelishis. Read on as Deelishis divulges on how her business affairs, her celebrity crushes, and—as is customary with Black Men mag—we also spoke to Dee from the D about S-E-XI
On her career moves: Normally, I’m home maybe three days out of the seven-day week. The other four days, I am on the road travelling, still hosting parties, making appearances, negotiating different deals and endorsements. I have an endorsement deal with a hairline company called Limelight Extensions. I also have an endorsement deal with a clothing line called Pink Lucy Boutique, and I still do my plays and also movies. The last film that I did was Kony Montana with Michael Blackson and Bruh Man from the fifth floor.
On staying relevant in the entertainment industry: I’ve been able to build my brand up to a point where it is a great influence. Luckily for me I’ve been doing this now for seven-plus years and I’ve maintained relevance and style and grace and recognition. I’m still respected amongst my peers in entertainment as well as my fans.
I have to attribute the majority of that success to being blessed. It’s just a favor of God. He decided when I became Deelishis that I was going to have some staying power. I don’t think that there is anything so awesome physically about me that someone else doesn’t have or couldn’t buy. I think I have a decent personality. I don’t just come with a nice figure and a cute face. I actually have intellect and I know how to deal with people. I try to teach some of the girls that are coming up now that it’s not just about how good you look, because girls turn 18 every day, and some of them look just as good or better. You have to have the right mentality. You have to be willing to educate yourself, because having a manager doesn’t cover the entire spectrum. You actually need to know the business that you’re getting into. And then, you also have to have good character—’cause no one wants to work with a bitch.
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