Blanca Suarez

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The actress Blanca Suárez began in the world of acting with the role of Angela in ” Shiver ” although not released in theaters until 2008. At 19, and after the filming of his first horror movie he joined the cast of “The Boarding School ” where he currently continues to work giving birth to Julia. He has also starred in films such as ” Cowards ” by José Corbacho and Juan Cruz, or ” brain drain ” of Fernando González Molina, where he plays Angelic . His recent projects include his involvement in ” The Consul of Sodom ” is currently in post-production , ” Universes” , the short film directed by José Corbacho and Juan Cruz who became known as ” The Wikipeli Mahou ” and Finally, ” neon Flesh ” who has shot this summer.

After graduating as Bachelor , Blanca Suárez enrolled at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos , Fuenlabrada on campus to study the Bachelor of Communication Studies . It has now been focused on her acting career , leaving the college classes but does not exclude the race is small. Among his most important stories are magazines like “DT “, ” Elle “, ” In Style ” or “MAN” .
Blanca Suarez was nominated in the ” Television Festival in Monte Carlo ” in its 49th edition in the category of “Best Drama Actress ” for her role as Julia in “The Boarding School ” . His last nomination was in the “Festival de Cine de San Sebastián ” 2009 in which he received the ” Revelation of the Spanish Film Talent ” award after being nominated for the second consecutive year.

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