Christmas Abbott Inked – April 2016

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If I had to choose one piece, I love my tattooed geisha on my leg. My leg piece and rib pieces were all done by Tony Ranger at Skin FX in the Gold Coast, Australia. My whole design is based on the yakuza body suit. I wanted something I could cover up with a suit by day and expose at night—kind of like Super Woman too! The geisha represents old school traditionalism—family, respect and honor—while the tattoos represent today’s aspect of beauty to me. I have been training in Muay Thai and boxing for about six years now. I have worked at one of Australia’s best gyms, UTC, and have watched some amazing athletes like James Tehuna, Ross Pearson, Richie Walsh, Mike Wilkinson, Arlene Blencowe and Peter Graham train. I’ve had training sessions with some of the best coaches like Lincoln Hudson, Dylan Resnekov and Ashkan Mokhtarian. The fight world is like a family. Every fight night is like seeing your old friends who have the same passion and love for the sport that you do. Recently I have passed and acquired my license to be a MMA K1 Muay Thai Mod Thai judge and referee as well as being the PR representative for MASA which is one of the govern-ing sanctions for combat sports here in NSW Australia. So my main focus at the moment is training for my first fight and judging and refereeing as many fights as I can while keeping this sport I love alive, safe and well represented. I love watching the fights! The great thing about what I do, whether it be judging or being the card girl, is that I get front row tickets to see the action which includes the occasional splatter of blood—and get paid to be there! There is good and bad sides to being a ring card girl. I abso-
lutely love it because not many people expect to see a heavily tattooed girl up there and the crowd loves it! People are slowly realizing that tattoos are not just for strippers, bikers and criminals. You can have a business-minded girl next door who just happens to wear her soul on her skin because she is that comfortable with herself. A lot of women don’t like the idea of being in a bikini or shorts and a tank top, they feel it is degrading but I feel it is the most empowering thing. In today’s society to feel at one with your body and derive confidence from it (especially if it is heavily tattooed) is an amazing thing!

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HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE TWIN PEAKS? Twin Peaks is an amazing place to travel to when in search for a great.. atmosphere and great company. a
BEST THING ON THE MENU? Our best food item is our tasteful 24 oz T-bone steak. The best part of my bar are the top shelf selections of bourbon, scotch, and whiskey.
WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE DRINK Tle MAKE? I really enjoy making Dirty Mexican’s and Chocolate Covered Pretzels. 4ds
WHAT DO YOUR CUSTOMERS NOTICE FIRST: YOUR EYES, YOUR TATTOOS OR YOUR BREASTS? I would like to say my guests see my tattoos first but I’m sure they notice my boobs!
DOES YOUR UNIFORM SHOW OFF YOUR TATTOOS ENOUGH? Wearing my uniform reveals all of my tattoos—from my neck all the way down to my legs.
DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE TATTOO? My favorite tattoo is my Elvis Presley sleeve. My whole arm has different pieces of Elvis’s life including a portrait of my Bluetick Coonhound puppy, Elvis. Johnny Coppersnake does all of my tattoos. He works at a shop called Orlando ‘Tattoo Company.
-o 0 a) 0 E 0,
IN ORLANDO? I NGLE BARREL The tattoo scene is very big here in Orlando. A majority of our generation in Orlando has at least five tattoos.
HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE SHOW TWIN PEAKS? When I started working at Twin Peaks, I would get asked a lot if the restaurant was based off of the show. I never heard of it before so I had to investigate. I watched a couple episodes….it’s definitely odd.

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Jersey girls Misty Mason and Annasthesia Suicide celebrate ’90s sports style in wears by Mitchell & Ness
Photos by Christian Saint Make Up • Hair by Kerry-Lou Brehm and Ana Emiliano for Pro-Style-Crew Management Display Design by Josh Welsher

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Christmas Abbott

A little over two years ago we introduced you to Christmas Abbott over these pages and she resonated beyond our hopes. It was the first time Inked featured a woman with a hard body in a glamour shoot, and it turned out the right lady at the right time. Beyond her physique, her story inspired (super-quick version: lived unhealthily, reassessed her life when her life was threatened while working in Iraq, became a CrossFit, Olympic lifting and NASCAR pit crew dar-ling, founed a healthy living business, wrote The Badass Body Diet book) and continues to inspire.
INKED: Any new ink since last we saw you? My new tattoo is the rib cage. It is a compass rose and a pocket watch done over two sessions, by Matt “Skinny” Bagwell.
Did it kill your ribs? I thought that I was kind of a badass bitch before but we started and 30 seconds later I told him to give me five. I went into the bathroom, I looked in the mirror and said, Don’t be a little bitch and suck it up.
Hurt now, glory forever? Absolutely. In that moment I hated all the detail I wanted but I am so happy with it now. My grandfather passed right before I got that done and the compass rose was for him. The tattoo also says, “Not all who roam are lost.” I have always just moved around, tried different things and ultimately this beautiful piece speaks clearly to who I am.
What new things are you currently pursuing? Cool projects. I am collaborating with larger companies and more influential people. I am also doing more online nutrition projects; I’m going to create an online training program; I am writing a second book, on the balance of mind, body and spirit—the kind of balanc-ing that we need. And I am actually getting into the entertainment industry too. I am hosting with the Spartan Race on NBC Sports, I am also working on a couple of other pilots. I am looking for that next challenge. I have dominated a few sports already—which I love—I am looking at potentially dominating golf, maybe.
Are you still doing NASCAR and CrossFit? I am still competing in CrossFit, we are getting ready for the CrossFit Open and, simultaneously, I am still competing in weightlifting. The pit crew was such an amazing experience. I wish that I had found it 10 years earlier, I found it when I was 30 years-old. I am 34! The wear-and-tear on your body, the travel, the demands, already running my business and already competing in another sport, I didn’t have the ability to balance; it was either all NASCAR pit crew or nothing. There was no way for that to be part time, if I found it at 20 or 22 I would have made that my career. I think you will see more women getting into tire changing in the next few years.
What is it like being a female role model? I say “fuck” a lot, role models probably shouldn’t say that a lot. Hon-estly, it blows me away every time a younger female comes up and wants me to sign something or tells me that she looks up to me. It is a huge honor, it humbles me. My role models were heroin chic skinny supermodels and I am so happy to be part of this movement going towards a more curvier women, healthier styles, stronger women and not just in physical but mental strength as well, with that confidence, you don’t see that. You see it more now than you ever have before and I feel honored to be part of that movement. I never would have expected it.
You also say “bitch” a lot, what does that word mean to you? I guess I do say “bitch” a lot. I think that it is an empowered woman. I don’t think that it has a negative tone anymore. When someone says, “You are such a bitch.” I say, “Thank you so much.” I am unapologeti-cally who I am, and I own it. It does not appeal to everybody and I am okay with that because I love who I am.
When you look in the mirror what do you see? A relentless rebel. We all should be: you don’t have to conform to anything. Embrace—unapologetically—who you are, that is the most beautiful thing in the world.

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