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Daiana Guzman, Playboy Girl, Mexico,“It’s not naked or anything, it’s more rustic. Yes I will show skin, little, dressed above the knee. You will see necklines, but not pompis, “said the girl Thursday night. Guzman, who after the scandal he lived decided to undertake a career in the middle, prepare to become a singer, become a model and even appear on the cover of Playboy, said he would not be the only focus of the material. “I’m inviting some friends to collaborate with me, to see what they tell me. I want to do it in Paraguay, “he said briefly. His musical side, he said, is currently stopped, as he does not feel confident enough to release a record, but for now he devotes his time to making catwalks. “I’m modeling lingerie and evening dresses. Not so sexy lingerie, there is everything a little. I like lace, in pink and beige. “

If you do not know who Daiana Guzman is, I will refresh your memory. Daiana Guzman is the girl who made the scare of her life happen to the singer Kalimba when she filed a complaint against her for violacion.Pero in just a few days all this gossip with Kalimba was solved but what still remains unresolved are the burning images Which has Daiana Guzman for the Playboy Magazine of Mexico. According to some sources the Magazine has broken all the Records of

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