Dita Von Teese ( Heather Sweet )

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Attention unlikely couple alert ! Known for both its forms for its impressive array of hunting, Dita Von Teese appears to have added an unexpected conquest : the surprise , the busty brunette 41 years has indeed been seen , Tuesday, Dec. 24 , in full gourmet trip in Los Angeles with … Benji Madden and the least we can say is that the duo was particularly accomplice.

Yes, unbelievable but true , after the romantic episode of his romance with the beautiful Frenchy Louis -Marie de Castelbajac (son of Jean- Charles de Castelbajac with which she broke in 2012) , the famous stripper is obviously back to his first loves – namely bad boys . To believe his amazing appearance on the arm of Benji Madden, one that was married to Marilyn Manson all hell seems to have set his sights on the rocker , 34, brother of Joel Madden ( husband of Nicole Richie ) and member of the band Good Charlotte .

Still on his 31 Dita Von Teese was more radiant than ever and took good care to emphasize its sculptural line in a pencil skirt combined with a green plaid top and black pumps . The doll porcelain complexion has also not hide his pleasure and posted a satisfied smile alongside Benji Madden, to match her dress in a skater look trendy . Very comfortable and relaxed, the duo took advantage of what appears to be a course date (or ” tryst ” in French ) , from breakfast head to head Sugarfish restaurant in Los Angeles.
Once their well-filled stomachs, Dita Von Teese and Benji Madden were quick to leave the institution , towards the parking lot where the duo strolled somewhat before resuming driving. In short, if the nature of the relationship between the two stars is , at this time , not yet been formalized , the question is not really allowed .
The irony of the story is that , as stated in the Daily Mail ( which publishes many pictures of burlesque icon complicit with the rocker ) , Benji Madden ( incidentally ex Paris Hilton) was more or less romantically linked to a some Miley Cyrus, the controversial starlet Dita Von Teese does not exactly in his heart. “I ‘m not appalled by Miley Cyrus , I am not shocked by its vulgarity . But I love when beauty is combined with the vulgar, she said recently at the New York Post. Problem is that I don ‘ there is nothing beautiful . I am more interested to admire photos of Helmut Newton fetish dealing with situations , nudity or eroticism but that stimulate my imagination , not the vulgarity of every day. ”

Whose real name is Heather Sweet, Dita Von Teese was born September 28, 1972 in Michigan. Dita Von Teese has just 18 when she made ​​her first striptease inspired by the glamorous icon of the 40s , Betty Page . Dita her nickname refers to the actress Dita Parlo silent and she chooses Von Teese because the sound pleases. First actress in very aesthetic but nevertheless pornographic films, beautiful braid takes posing for newspapers charming as Play Boy. Passionate vintage , Dita Von Teese is moving towards stylish packaging of sexual fetishism. It quickly became a model and appeared on the covers of many magazines fetish . The world of fashion flashes on his sensual and retro look , Jean- Paul Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood in mind. Now there is no parade or event that people can do without his presence. But it was his marriage with singer Marilyn Manson in 2001 which makes it really famous .
In 2006, Dita Von Teese published his autobiography, The Art of Glamour and Fetish and occurs as a guest star at the Crazy Horse. In January 2007 , she announced her divorce and continued his solo career with success. Since Dita Von Teese joined the association for Peta ‘s new campaign in defense of animals.

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