FHM Spain – March 2016

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Mara Roldan

Colombia exports not only cocaine, although anyone would say after a marathon Narcos beat us on Netflix. Another of its specialties are flowers and coffee and women as Mara Roldan, model and journalist who was elected one of the most beautiful of his kingdom. In view it is. Does it have something to do that was born in Medellin, where they say women are the best Colombia? In writing we have succumbed to their charms and we have made their way into the office this colleague for a few minutes. Welcome mate!
All the Mara homeland: what is the best of Colombia and why Colombians should return [editor signing this interview is Bogotá] we are abroad? Because we are a multicultural country and because human quality of Colombian priceless. Your body betrays you: you machacas doing sports. So confesses: What do you practice? [Laughs] I love the sport. I like to vary, but the weights and cycling are my favorite. What is the sexiest part of your body? The abdomen. What’s the most illegal you’ve done in your life and tell you fun? I entered more than once in nightclubs as a minor with the ID of my older sister. Bad girl! And what is more interesting place you’ve had sex? In a beach.

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Julia Faye

Julia Faye West has come as a whirlwind to leave open mouth. Knowing that we are that you’re watching a pibón in the pictures and you may seem to stop there. iPues no! Come and read because it has a longer breakfast from an official CV. Poussin, feminine and enormously talented. Waiting for a man to take care and be quarrelsome. But do not expect dominated, and can be stirred only with knock you look into your eyes … ibang!
What does it feel to be cover of FHM? iMe love! I’m so excited. Have you ever visited our country? Isil I’ve been to Spain twice. I think a beautiful country with an amazing history. Further. has some islands that for me are the nicest in the world … My favorite is Ibiza. iMira not warn you were coming! Hey, making a brief look at your CV: actress, producer, model … What is facet that you like? It is a difficult question because I’m interested all parties equally. But if I’m honest what I like I am to have creative control. So I guess I would have to say being a producer. Have you ever felt slighted in a job “more serious” for being so sexy? Absolutely. People judge books by their cover daily. It’s a shame that there is always a negative apex linked to the word “sexy” when we talk both professional life and private life. as in any situation, when you leave the face of danger you must focus on your goals and never look back. never let the reviews you pass through and you sink. I you repeat it daily. Could say you’re so sexy without trying or you’ll curras daily? how attractive you go depends a lot on

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Valya Romanova

Carambola left, carambola center, the storm roars! Any time is good to quote the great Raphael de la Ghetto. Especially if -extraña- serves as introduction to a game of pool with sexy Russian beauty Valya Romanova. You know, it is even taco …
ince Russia with Love was the second film in the series’s most famous spy. 007. And with the same affection Valya Romanova. nurse and model, we get wearing his most provocative side. Russian is the salad as it ensures to drink more vodka and Quique San Francisco Massiel hand in hand. mane in FHM is released and surprises us with a mix of stories with scalpel and photo sessions with Miss bands.
Valya Privet! Tell us how you ended up in the fashion world. It has always interested me. When I was small and there was no one at home, I put the makeup of my mother and my sister dresses. When I was old enough I went to an audition at a modeling agency and was accepted. From that moment. I was making my dream come true. What is the most difficult session that you have faced? It was during the filming of an advertisement in Washington DC. The light attracted insects throughout the city. ! There were hundreds of bugs around me! The felt on the skin. hair. clothes … I had to sit still. but all I wanted was to scream and run away. Although you model. you’re done being a nurse. My father is a surgeon and radiologist my mother. White and bottle: I could not imagine a different career. When he was seventeen. I was accepted at the Medical Institute in my hometown of Russia. But I graduated when I moved to the United States. Tell us. Have you had occasion to intervene in an accident outside the hospital? Not fortunately. But it’s funny: in our training teaches us to save lives in any emergency situation.

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Hi Gwen.

Have you ever visited our country? I have been several times. I’ve always gone in winter. In one of my vacation in Spain I fell in love Salvador Dalí. Come on, look. And how would you define yourself in five words?
Elegant. smart. restless. sexy and understanding. You are studying business administration and your idea is to spend the world of law, why? I think it could be more likely to be a lawyer with knowledge management. It would be a good way to make a difference in other people … I honestly believe you’d be very sexy with the toga of putting judge. What you are the most daring you’ve done when you’ve been with a guy? [Laughs] Thank you. In a meeting with several people at a restaurant, my boyfriend and I were toying under the table while we ate. What should a guy to get your attention? Make me laugh. Ideally also it is high. If it is dark and thin passage. It would be a point in its favor. And when he has caught your attention. What should I avoid if you want to have any chance of repeating? Misogynistic. racists and guys who enjoy hunting have very little chance with me. It is also unlikely to have a relationship with someone who can not write well and has misspellings. That not get it to us. Point. Will you forgive an infidelity? I think that cheating in a relationship is something very serious. although it is also true that I tend to be tolerant of people I love. It depends on the circumstances.
What is the part of your body that you care more? I go to the gym and try to take care of every part of my body. Everything counts. Have you had sex with a person in the same room while others slept? [Laughs] No. moment … What would you do if your mother comes home without warning and at that time are with a guy in full fatigues? To prevent a mess of that caliber, I would avoid it at home with my parents. Girl practice. Choose between these two options: a romantic date with sex and candles or an adventure with extreme sports sexless. If I am truly in love with the romantic date. Your partner keeps photos of his ex on his Facebook account, what would you do? It always depends on the person and the circumstances. but it certainly did not sit well. If I were in your situation, explain and clarify the reasons why I keep photos. If it does not. It would be a big problem in our relationship. What is the weirdest compliment someone told you? I once said apropos that ” everything will eat your tits’. I almost had a nervous breakdown. Hey, we have tattooed your name on the back. Hit or error? Tattoos of names of people usually cause problems. Captured. And what is the craziest adventure you’ve done? Are you a person or like to plan everything improvisation? That’s a tough question. A friend and I went to Disneyland with a princess costume. But we were forced to move. I like to plan things, but leave enough room to do something

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