German Olympic Girls – Playboy Germany

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German ,Olympic, Girls, Playboy Germany  Five of the most beautiful German Olympic sports women competing in the Summer 2012 Olympics Games have completely stripped off their clothes for the August issue of the German edition of Playboy magazine in order to raise their morale two weeks before the beginning of the games held in London

The hot five athletes who are among 391 German athletes will compete in 23 of the 26 events are as follows:Beate Gauß (shooting, 10-meter air rifle), Christina Schütze (hockey), Angela Maurer (swimming, 10 km marathon), Christin Steuer (diving, 10m synchro), Regina Sergeeva (Rhythmic Gymnastics Group).

It’s not the first time German athletes have appeared on the cover of Playboy as four German Olympians posed naked for playboy in 2008 before the starting of Beijing Olympics games.

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