Inked Girls -November-December 2015

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TODD DUTKEVITCH is a gifted fashion photog-rapher whose eye for perfection makes him a rising international star. Based in Los Angeles, Dutkevitch is a multi-talented artist who first received commercial success as a DJ remixing Billboard dance hits for Beyonce and Mary J. Blige. Later he launched his own independent record label Pure Music Productions. His high skill for framing and angles appeales to a visual audience with his work appearing in Ever Mag-azine Paris, Esquire Latin America, and VOLO.
GLENN WALLACE is a self-taught photographer, with a degree in videography. He enjoys being able to express his creativity and prides himself on working with natural light. Wallace enjoys working on location, and has an obession with nature. He likes working with models to showcase the individuality of each girl and set-up. When not attached to his camera or laptop editing, Wallace can be found screaming at the TV and watching his favorite football team Manchester United. They are terrible. Editors note: we are Liverpool fans.
JELLYFISH JONES is a self proclaimed mother, wife, photographer and model…in that order. Located in the heart of the Bay Area, she is known for her work in the alternative genre of photography yet her portfolio dives so much deeper. Tropes as diverse as fantasty and high fashion are some of her favorites. Jones has had work featured in The International, Gothesque, Glam Rock and After Life magazines. You can catch her touring the country or keep up with her work easily through her tumblr.
ANGRYMOON believes that not all things make sense in life. “Chaos theory” is real and is some-times more powerful than logic. The power of chaos theory lies in its unpredictability. This pho-tographer is inspired by Neptune’s “angry moon” Triton which, against all logic and counter to all other moons in the solar system, rotates around its planet in a retrograde orbit. Triton doesn’t play by the rules and most importantly, Triton does what it wants…. So does he. Angrymoon chan-nels vintage Playboy for the downtown imagani-sta and the midtown scumbag alike.
CLAYTON ADDISON is a fashion photographer based out of Southern California. Getting his start in photography shooting sports and jour-nalism, Addison developed an interest for telling stories that eventually translated over to his fash-ion work. For this shoot, the photographer cap-tures Lucky Hell playing with a sword. The result is an editorial-realistic shoot with a dream girl—the mix being a perfect way to open this issue. It should go without saying but no models or crew memebers were harmed during the sword play.
JAMES OLIVEIRA is a self taught photographer based out of the Los Angles. Oliveira first devel-oped an interest in photography during college while working for a one hour photo lab. Pho-tography soon became his main creative outlet. After studying abroad in Tokyo, Oliveira soon began shooting freelance for Cure, a Tokyo-based music magazine. Oliveira’s work has been published several times both domestically and internationally. For this issue he shot one of our current heavy crushes, Eliza Winn, who abso-lutely melts his camera. Why are you still reading bios? Dive in!

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