Isabel Edvardsson German champion in dancing

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Isabel Edvardsson (* June 22, 1982 in Gothenburg ) is a Swedish dancer and a German champion in dancing .Edvardsson has been dancing since the age of 13. She completed an upper secondary education in contemporary dance , ballet and jazz dance . With 21 years Edvardsson specializing in ballroom dance.Since 2003 she lives in Brunswick and worked as a dance instructor at the Braunschweig Dance Company , the red-white-club Kassel and the TK Blue-Gold Leipzig . In addition, she is also active as a judge rating. The greatest success Isabel Edvardsson together with Marcus White . On December 8, 2007 by winning the European Professional Standard freestyle in Balingen, Isabel Edvardsson and Marcus White ended their active professional career. They reached the World No. 14th
Successes  2,007  German Vice Champion Professional Standard * # 1 on the Euro Dance Classics (in the context of the Euro Dance Festival 2007)German Master Professional Standard Freestyle * European Champion Professional Standard Freestyle * 2,006 # 14 in the world rankings  Final 6th Place European Championship in Dusseldorf * Vice-European Champion Professional Standard Freestyle * German Master Professional Standard * Final of the German Open Championships GOC * German Master Professional Standard Freestyle * 2,005  14th place at the Asian Open, World Ranking Semi-finals at Crystal Palace Cup, London Semifinals at the Imperial Championships, London  2nd place in the Grand Prix of germany  Finalist at the US Open in Miami *  German Vice Champion Professional Standard * German Master Professional Standard Freestyle * Semi-finals of the World Championship in Blackpool * Finals 5th place in the European Championships in Mülheim * 2,004 German Vice Champion Professional Standard * 9th place at the Asian Open, World Ranking 7th place at the Dutch Open, World Ranking 5th place at the German Open Championships GOC * 1st place at the German Masters Place one at the French Open No. 21 in the world rankings as the best German couple 2,003 German Vice Champion Professional Standard * * With Marcus White Other Engagements Let’s Dance 2006: she won the first season of the RTL show Let’s Dance together with her celebrity dance partner Wayne Carpendale 2007: it was in the second season there. This time she danced with the football players Giovane Elber . They reached the third place 2010: she was a member of the jury of Let’s Dance 2011: She was a member of the jury in the Swedish edition of Let’s Dance 2011: she danced in the show itself again with, this time with the athletes Tim Lobinger . They reached the ninth 2012: they took in the fifth season with Patrick Lindner part. They reached the sixth place 2013: she danced with Tetje Mierdorf and placed ninth 2014: she danced with Alexander Klaws . They reached the first place. Playboy In the expenditure of September 2006 and May 2010 the German Playboy Edvardsson is seen naked in a photo gallery. Furthermore, they already retired for the men’s magazines FHM and Maxim from Forbidden Love As a result, in 2798 the soap opera Verbotene Liebe , in the on 8 November 2006 the ARD broadcast, Isabel Edvardsson had a guest appearance as salsa competition judge Pesch Sabine I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here! From 11 January 2008 to 25 January 2008 Edvardsson was in the third season of the RTL -Show I’m a Celebrity – Get me out of here to see where they took fourth place among ten participants Ways to Happiness In the ZDF – Telenovela she starred in two episodes in early May 2008, the young police top champion Antje Blank German Masters 2008 4 October 2008 Edvardsson moderated along with Danny Morgenstern the German Masters in Braunschweig. The event was organized by NDR broadcast live

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