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nude naked bare  Wednesday, December 31, Jennifer Lopez was honored on US cable channel HBO, which broadcast a new documentary titled Dance Again. The report shows the bomba latina on his first world tour, which took place in 2012. At that time, the star was still recovering from her divorce from Marc Anthony. Before the cameras … it cracks.

When she succumbed to the charm of the singer ten years ago, Jennifer Lopez was living his first real heartache. She had just been dumped by Ben Affleck she was to marry. In the arms of Mark, Jennifer smiles again: without losing a second, she married in June 2004. A few years later, twins Max and Emme are born in 2008. In 2011, it is the rupture and new divorce for Bomba Latina. In the report that has dedicated HBO, it cracks evoking that terrible sentimental failure: “I remember being on a shoot, in my dressing room, and I felt like I could not get up in the morning . the pain was too strong. There are nothing like the pain you feel, the sense of failure in a divorce. this hope, this dream, this fairy tale, everything shattered. J ‘felt like I was dying. ”

Worth Max and Emme

This is the third divorce for Jennifer Lopez previously married to Onaj Noa (1997 to 1998) and his dancer Cris Judd (2001-2003). But it is the first in which children are involved. His greatest fear was of course then hurt her twins: “It was not only my dream but also their Who wants to break up a family.?” The documentary shows exactly worth the small Emme when she is not with her daddy. We see her play with a heart-shaped necklace as she confides to the camera: “This way I can remember my dad I want to remember him as what have purchased this heart..”

Since the shooting, water has flowed under the bridge. Jennifer Lopez confided in November, during the presentation of his book (True Love) in New York, that everything was not all rosy with Marc Anthony: “Things between Marc and I were not perfect Our wedding n. has never been kind of quiet. from the beginning, it was tumultuous, passionate and explosive. “Since then, the singer married the Venezuelan model Shannon De Lima. Jennifer Lopez said only that she was “happy for him.”

Last detail that its small size, the US site tells us that from 1 January 2015 J.Lo Jennifer Lopez is back on his ID. She had legally adopted the real name of Marc Anthony marrying len, namely Muñiz. At 45, the interpreter of Booty is officially back Jennifer Lopez and ready to find love.

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