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Jessica Lou ( Regan) Topless Suicide nude naked topless  alternative model  HERE’S LOOKIN’ AT LOU
essicaLou is a fine art student from Liverpool. She’s been enormously popular on the Suicide Girls website since last year. and reckons she’d be a talent show smash with her crazy-assed impressions of famous folk. And, unusually for a Bizarre cover star. lessicaLou’s not (yet) got any skin ink – proof that you don’t have to be a living tapestry to make it in the world of alt.modelling. However, sultry JessicaLou is still eager to go under the tattoo iron at sonic point in the near future. But that’s not because she’s desperate for any tatts – instead. she wants to experience the sting of that shimmering needle. “I like pain, and I often ask my friends who’ve had tattoos to pinch me. so that I can feel what its like when the needle goes into your flesh.’ she coos. “But it’s not the same. And for that reason 1 think I’m going to tattooed very soon.’ In the meantime. Bizarn• caught up with JessicaLou to discuss – amongst other things – broken arms. Cher impressions. and pulling fake guns in crowded train stations…
We never. ever. ever talk about football in Bizarre. but we have to make an exception in this instance because were doing this interview while the World Cup is still on. You’re from Liverpool… half the England team play for Liverpool… so were you disappointed by how badly England played in the tournament? I was looking forward to the World Cup this year for the carnival atmosphere rather than the England matches – which is just as well considering they only played three games! People take football far too seriously. I watched the first England game on the second stage at the Download festival. There were more people watching the match than there were for Status Quo an hour earlier!

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Status Otto vs football – now there’s a dilemma! OK, that’s enough football talk. We understand you’re an excellent mimic. Which celebs can you do impressions of? Only a handful of people know about this… until now. I’m pretty good at impersonating Beth Swan from Faqirs& and Moaning Myrtle from the Harry Patter movies• but my show-stealer is my impression of Cher singing Auto-Tune pop anthem ‘Believe’. The trick to doing a good impression is to reuffy go for it. You can’t hold back, even if your face looks ridiculous.
We can’t imagine your lace ever looking ridiculous. Cher is a bit random. though. How did you discover you could impersonate the chart-conquering pop pensioner? I was with two friends. drinking runt. and something came over me. I just started

Jessica Lou ( Regan) Topless Suicide | Jessica-Lou-Regan-Topless-Suicide-10

The glamour work has gotten you huge plaudits, and got you in the hallowed pages of Elite
of course.. What do you think it takes to be a successful glamour model? Is there a certain
mindset or attitude you've got to have? As there's a lot of competition ifs hard to say as ifs different for each individual. My mindset is that I do it for fun and I try not to take it too seriously.I've learnt over the years ifs important to be yourself which sounds like a cliche. For example when I first started, I hated how pale I am and it was something I constantly wanted to change.Then I started to embrace it and that's when I felt for me things started to change. You can't please everyone but you will have people out there who will like your look.It's dear you're an outgoing person, up for a laugh and very expressive. Is modelling where you'll find your niche do you think; or do the zombie killings/ music videos/theatricality hint at an ambition to act or present maybe? I consider them to be the same thing as I put the same amount of energy into each one. I am lucky enough to have worked on 5 music videos and all though it's hard work I will say it's super fun and rewarding. We'll focus on modelling for the moment because I HAVE to ask you about your feature in this month's Elite. You worked
with the always magnificent Rowan Murray, what was that collaboration like? Rowan is such an amazing guy. I was a huge fan of his work before the shoot and being able to work with him
was a privilege. It was a relaxed day of shooting. I feel we got some great stuff out of it.

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Delicious choice if I may say. If Jessica were to invite three celebs to tea (living or dead) which would they be? Sigourney ‘Weaver, Till Lindemann and Charlie Hunnam.
And finally, if Jessica ruled the world, what would her first order of business be? Make Monday a part of the weekend.
Genius idea!! We love it. Now we’ve got that vital information, let’s talk about your superb modelling. You’re an agency represented talent, who has worked some beautiful shoots to date. What made you get into the bizz? I was scouted when I was 18 by a London agency in a nightclub in Liverpool. I knew straightaway it was something I wanted to do.
your portfolio has some great depth to it, you’ve done fashion, been a zombie killer, and of course you produce gorgeous glamour work. Was glamour a side of the industry that inspired you? When I was about 15 or 16 I did some fashion/catwalk work, but as I got older my body changed; I started to open my eyes to the different types of modelling I could do, The first glamour shoot I did 7vas for page 3, the moment I did it I wanted to do more.

Jessica Lou ( Regan) Topless Suicide | Jessica-Lou-Regan-Topless-Suicide-1 Jessica Lou ( Regan) Topless Suicide | Jessica-Lou-Regan-Topless-Suicide-7 Jessica Lou ( Regan) Topless Suicide | Jessica-Lou-Regan-Topless-Suicide-8 Jessica Lou ( Regan) Topless Suicide | Jessica-Lou-Regan-Topless-Suicide-16

Could you walk us through the day’s shoot, from turning up to the studio to turning it on in front of camera, right through to seeing the shots and your reaction? I arrived at Rowan’s studio and he made me feel very welcome straightaway. We discussed outfits and makeup. We then began to shoot. I kept my makeup and hair quite natural. Rowan was the perfect photographer. We shot for a couple of hours then at the end he showed me some of the images at the back of the camera. I was so happy with them. I knew from that point I would love them. When receiving the images back, I was more than pleased with the results. I feel that we were the perfect team!
Have you got a message for our Elite family of fans who are no doubt drooling as they read this and enjoy your pictures? I really hope you have all enjoyed my feature. It’s been a pleasure working with Elite. Thank you for the support and I hope you have an amazing 2014!
As you might expect, your amazing body is a fantastic focus in the shots. How do you keep in such terrific shape? Please at least tell us it’s hard work to stay looking so glorious, because if you eat like a pig and never workout that’s just unfair!!
Damn my secret’s out. I love food but it’s all about balance. I do a lot of squats but try keep away from cardio; I usually walk on a high incline.
Another aspect of your pictures I was extremely taken with are your incredible eyes. You probably get asked about them a lot, but the way they pop against your pale complexion is mesmeric. I was going to ask how you do that, but I guess they’re just your eyes, no real “doing” involved right? Thank you very much, you’re too flattering! I guess I can thank the gene pool for that!
You’re very welcome, and kudos on those genes! What are the main things you’ll be taking away with you from this latest Elite experience Jessica? As this was my first online interview, it has been thoroughly enjoyable and I’ve learnt the people who work for Elite are all great. I would hope you would have me back as I loved the experience.
In a heartbeat. All that’s left to say is it’s been fab to have you guest in the mag Jessica, and we wish you nothing but success and dominance in everything you do. Thank you very much.