Kallie Kaye BREANNE RYAN Fuse Magazine Volume 31 January 2017

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Kallie Kaye, FUSE Magazine, Volume 31, January 2017,MELISSA KAI,ANDREA RINCE, BROOKLYN DORSEY, CAITLIN D’AMON,BOJANA SARAC,CLARA EMLEN,RYAN LEIGH,RACHEL COTTER, LARA V,T YLAH,  BREANNE RYAN,MADDIE,GISSETTE VALENTIN,YURI HERNANDEZ,SHELBY STARR, Black. Tight. Shiny. Rubber. Just the mere glimpse of a woman wrapped in latex can be intensely erotic, as it hugs every inch and every curve of her body, accentuating the delicious hourglass shape of her female form. It instantly evokes one’s primal
passions, conjuring up only the deepest and darkest of fantasies. Many of these fantasies may even border on
the very edge of being taboo, and can not be spoken of in our day to day lives. Instead, they must be whispered
in hushed voices amongst the shadows under the protection of the night. But why are we so afraid to admit
to our animalistic, carnal desires? Why must we banish our instinctively sensual urges to the darkest corners of
our soul? Have you ever wondered what it might be like to bring some of your forbidden fantasies out to play?
Well I have… And that’s exactly what I did! For many years I harbored a secret affinity for latex. I dared not tell anybody for fear of judgment. After all, I’m just the girl next door type; Nobody would ever suspect ME to have a latex fetish. But the truth was, I DID have a latex fetish. And although it started out small, it gradually grew larger in size, entirely consuming me. Day in and day out I had this constant craving inside of me that was just screaming to be satisfied. I tried to ignore it, but that was only fuel to my fire. That’s when I finally decided that I didn’t want to fight it anymore. I wanted to answer the mysterious call that had been beckoning me from beyond… I wanted to give in to every single temptation I had denied myself in the past and experience what it was like first hand to be nveloped in silky smooth latex.

Kallie Kaye BREANNE RYAN Fuse Magazine Volume 31 January 2017 | Fuse-Magazine-Volume-31-January-2017-2 Kallie Kaye BREANNE RYAN Fuse Magazine Volume 31 January 2017 | Fuse-Magazine-Volume-31-January-2017-3

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