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Soon, Khloe Kardashian will officially divorced from Lamar Odom . An end to a four-year romance ended with six months of lurid revelations . A Khloe Kardashian awaits the new year with impatience.

Now, the escapades of his basketball player husband Lamar Odom are far behind the younger sister of Kim Kardashian . It has been difficult the last month , between rumors of infidelity ( which he did not fail to boast in an embarrassing video posted by TMZ ) , drug use , including crack, proven , and finally driving drunk , the latter earned him a sentence of three years probation and an obligation to treat and monitor sessions on the dangers of alcohol for three months. The new year is looming , and the young woman of 29 starts by the cover of Cosmopolitan in its British version , now on newsstands .

And star of the reality TV Keep it up with the Kardashians opened this new year will be rich : “I love the new year, new beginnings I need a fresh start, . I can not wait to see this year ( 2013) end … You only live once , so make sure that one time is perfect. We can not fix our mistakes and imperfections, then let’s have fun . You receive this you give life … ”

In British Cosmo , Khloe Kardashian also back on his way to be on television. ” I never take me seriously, she says. When I joke about my ‘ camel toe ‘ or my big vagina on TV , I did not realize how many people watch , I am with my sisters and we are like that behind the camera – it ‘s what sisters are and then I go out and someone said, ‘ Oh my God, I also have a big vagina! ‘ and I ‘m kind . ‘ WHAT? ‘ That is when I realize that I said out loud … ”

The socialite revealed many things in this British Cosmo . In addition to its problems vagina , she tells how she surprised her mother , Kris Jenner, explained to one of her friends that her daughter Khloe needed to get a nose job . All while said Khloe was only 9 years old … ” Words are a powerful weapon . They can leave scars forever. She did not think evil, but when I was about nine , I heard my mother say to her friend that I needed to make me nose job . I was shocked , I had not even thought about it , ” she says , adding that she has never resorted to cosmetic surgery on her nose , despite persistent rumors said reverse .

In addition to its output in Cosmo , Khloe Kardashian looks very busy. The young woman, who will be divorced from Lamar Odom in the coming months , and a little richer than it already was, does not mean cut ties with her future ex- husband. We learn from various sources close to the couple that Khloe and Lamar talk every day of the friendliest ways . ” Khloe is in constant contact since she filled the divorce papers … She checks it takes its responsibilities with his business driving under the influence and he met his coach. This is definitely a relationship between mother – son . There will always be a lot of love between them, but Khloe is definitely moved on , “reveals a close site RadarOnline .

And “something else” , it could be a Matt Kemp, Los Angeles Dodgers player frequents it for some time now. The duo reportedly spent Christmas Eve together. And the next day , the couple was surprised train together in a room in Los Angeles ..

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