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Lana Del Rey stripper and love:” Tropico” finally revealed!

For several weeks , Lana Del Rey teasing fans with photos , seductive, mysterious and sulfur arasındatropico . This short film , Anthony Mandler signed already seen albino model Shaun Ross, alongside singer Katy Perry tells Yahoo! to its clip . 27 years showed young artists in Los Angeles before becoming available on the web, a former 27 -minute movie preview cinema .Wednesday, December 4 , Lana Del Rey is located on Sunset Boulevard Cinerama Dome opened in 1963 and took rooms in a historic monument . Before his audience , icracımav Jeans and Video Games Tropico said a few words in the foreword before the screening . One last time and will meet with fans around the film , Lana Del Rey, his alter ego expressed a desire to close the first part of his career a few words. Whose real name called artists took the opportunity to announce a new album Lizzie Grant , a ULTRAVIOLENCE .

Lana Del Rey Anthony Mandler worked with nice clips Ride and the National Anthem before this short dream . Tropico story is presented as the salvation of sinners . At the same time filled by American icons such as in a garden of Eden Lane and Shaun Ross meets Marilyn Monroe , then a very creepy strip club . We can hear the title Body Electric, Gods and Monsters and Bel Air, publishing three şarkıparadis View To Die album . Clap the end of this epic retro and Hollywood … Place ULTRAVIOLENCE .

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