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Inside the secret world of SEX PARTIES!
Chris Reynolds Gordon (below) runs the UK’s hottest bonk biz, Heaven’s Circle. He tells ZOO about the best parties you’ve never been to…
THE IDEA “I used to go to so-called ‘elite parties’ — sort of upmarket sex events — with an ex-girlfriend. I enjoyed them, but I looked around at the older, overweight people and thought, ‘I can do better than this.’ We started small, got a crowd of good-looking people involved, then it got bigger. The first threesome I had was with a female yoga instructor
while I was with another girl. We’d had this threesome and she was getting changed as she had a yoga class. Me and this girl were having sex while talking to her. It was amazing. We only host our parties in beautiful, multimillion-pound houses. A few celebrities started coming and there was an article in a national magazine. Now it’s booming.”

THE PARTIES “We have different kinds of parties. We have a traditional sex party, which is couples and single girls. We don’t have single blokes at those as they

tend to lurk and it can be quite awkward. Our crowd are all normal people — doctors, nurses, teachers. Never weirdos. Secondly, there’s the
THE SEX “It’s a blast. Someone left one of our gatherings and said, ‘It was like going to the Victoria’s Secret after-party, only everyone was going wild and having sex.’ People dress up like they’re going to a top club in London. Later on, they get changed into sexy
lingerie, maybe people dance, which leads to playing or watching. Then sex. Sex everywhere. It’s very relaxed. You’re in a stunning location, so people don’t care whether they f**k in front of people, and then that snowballs. I don’t care about the naked
There’s more holes than a golf course!
single-guy-friendly parties for which we pick the hottest girls vs the hottest single guys. And there are always more guys than girls for those.”
blokes, as long as I’m looking at amazing naked women. It becomes normal, your sense of reality is out of whack. You’ll be going home, buying petrol, and thinking an hour earlier I could’ve gone up to a girl and said, ‘Hi, do you want to go and f**k? ’”
“Couples fly in from Paris, New York, Germany, all over. Heaven’s Circle brings all these kinky people together. The girls are smoking: fitness models. You might see your pin-up model from ZOO! Guys have a strange mentality where they think the hotter the girl, the less she’ll be into sex because she’s untouchable. I know girls who are average who say, ‘No sex on the first date.’ And I know cover girls who absolutely love sex any time, anywhere.”
“Honestly, it’s not for everyone. If your relationship isn’t stable it can break it. It should be seen as the sugar on top, not the whole thing — and if you live off sugar it doesn’t work! Remember, if you cheat in a relationship, it’s never the same again. You never know what your girlfriend likes until you ask. There are couples for whom cheating is having sex with someone else without their partner watching. If you want that kind of relationship you need give and take, but most of all, you need honesty. It’s about rules.”

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Nikki Spehar
the cast of My Kitchen Rules as one of the resident villains — and the show’s clear-cut hottie — she was an aspiring model who starred in killer shoots like the one you see on these pages.
Her resume includes catwalk work for beauty giant L’Oreal, plus shoots for fashion mags and a hair expo. Nikki doesn’t just have the looks for it, either — she’s also got the attitude, as she proved when she said, “If there’s a camera pointed at me I’ll pose and pout.”
But it’d be a mistake to think her hotness was the only thing that got her a gig on MKR. Nikki’s been working part-time as a butcher in her granddad’s shop in North Sydney, which is good news for a few reasons: she knows the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, can tell the difference between a good steak and a cut that’d be tougher than shoe leather, and she sure as hell isn’t a vegetarian.
ZOO has only seen Nikki and her teammate Katie Brooke have one go at cooking on the show, and they didn’t score highly with the judges. But we reckon all that will change if they play to their strengths, ditch the greens and serve ZOO’s favourite meat cuts: strip and inside skirt.

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Can you do anything unusual with your body?
I am quite flexible.
What do your boobs feel like? Myboobsfeelsquishy.
What’s the worst pick-up line you’ve ever been subjected to? “What type of material is that dress? It looks like girlfriend material.” How many sex toys are too many? You can never have too many! What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve done with a girl?
Nothing out of the usual. What’s your ultimate sexual fantasy?
In the middle of a secret island. Where’s the most random place you’ve ever had sex? At the beach.
And your biggest turn-on? A guy grabbing my arse and lifting me up.
Do you have a signature move in the bedroom? I sure do…
Head over to ZOO’s YouTube
channel to see the uncut footage from these sexy shoots

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It’sbeensix months since we brought youthebustiest babe on the Gold Coast. Andforthat we’re very, very sorry…
Libby, it’s been too long. Far too long. What’ve
you been up to since
youwerelast in ZOO?
I’ve been to Vegas again — twice! The first time I went over for the Las Vegas International Model Search. I didn’t win…
… but it was a good experience, something
different, because I’ve never done a modelling show that big before. It was pretty full-on and the rehearsals were crazy.
There were 50 girls from
around the world, and there
were two other Aussies besides me. One was another ZOO girl, Ashleigh Munro. Was it like Miss Universe with all the costume changes and stupid questions from the judges?
There were three rounds, yeah. We had to do a dance routine, there was a formal round, then a bikini round as well.
Blokes always imagine there are nude fights going on in the change rooms at beauty pageants. Can you confirm that?
[Laughs] No, all the girls

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