MAISA KEHL Fitness Models Lingerie Plus Special Edition Febraury 2017

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MAISA KEHL, Fitness Models, Lingerie Plus,  Febraury 2017, WHO IS MAISA KEHL? I consider myself a talent! Among the many things I do are modeling, acting, dancing, wellness consulting,  fitness  motivation, marketing, and so on. However, above all, I AM a woman, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a coworker, a human being, a powerful loving committed manifestor, a passionate beautiful spirit of light. My introduction in the industry was doing a commercial when I was 8 years old. Couple years later, at 10, I started participating in pageants and that became my life’s focus until I switched my concentration to modeling and acting. Over the years I had many classes, agents, coaches, teachers, but I can’t deny that my parents were the most influential support and great presence in my career. As an artist that have taking the leap of faith to follow my passion and being the entrepreneur of my life’s career, I receive many emails and texts with questions from people about professional lives, aspirations, love, some would like to quit their jobs, start their own business, follow their passion, have a more passionate relationship, be more fit, travel more, move to another country as I did, etc. This is what I can say about my career choice. I committed myself as being the best image to the companies/country clubs/sashes which I’ve represented over the years. I spent my energies growing up training, learning, taking classes, preparing myself to become a world-class model. But it wasn’t until a car accident in December 2013 that I began to look into my interest in modeling as an opportunity of living my passion to the fullest and sharing with the world my knowledge and art. My approach after have tried other fields, was finding what truly made me happy and fulfilled! My passion was natural, I could do it for hours or lose track of time doing it. I knew that I would find critics and struggles in any area, but life is too short to live someone else’s dreams. To do what I love with people that I respect in the industry was the only way to live. My most influential presence in my career was my parents and my family. Having a family with several artists and being encouraged with the same focus, values, and principals was a great encouragement. My parents placed great importance in being involved in my activities. They worked extremely hard, the most honorable people I know, but always rearranged their schedule to participate in my activities, they devoted awesome amount of times to monitoring my practices and attending meets, competitions, fittings, and photoshoots. I WANT TO CONTINUE DOING WHAT I LOVE? Working with talented and respected artist from the industry. Pushing the boundaries and the bending believe systems. Serve as an example for young models and women around the world, by my actions and achievements, showing that doesn’t’ matter where they came from, or how tall, old, skinny or fat they are, each one of us has a unique beauty and have the ability to live a life with purpose.

MAISA KEHL Fitness Models Lingerie Plus Special Edition Febraury 2017 | Lingerie-Plus-Febraury-2017-2-horz MAISA KEHL Fitness Models Lingerie Plus Special Edition Febraury 2017 | Lingerie-Plus-Febraury-2017-4-horz