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Margo Midwinter,Debbie Garcia ,FHM Philippines, March 2016 Margo Midwinter[ never realized how much of a positive person I am. Like, even when the tasks got really hard, I was supportive to all the other Housemates. That’s one of the qualities I learned about myself that I took back into my real life.” Margo didn’t win, but it looks like you’ll be seeing more and more of her as she slowly feels her way around the showbiz scene. Being uncertain of what’s next kills it for some, but Margo lives for that exact feeling—being on the verge jf achieving something. One day you’re Losing a reality show and the next thing you know, you’re being shot for your first magazine cover…
What pushed you to enter Pinoy Big Brother? [ started modeling dito sa Philippines and then eventually the opportunity Jame to go on Pinoy Big Brother. So, I said, ‘Okay sige, audition. And then [ kept making the next stage and the wi:;ct stage and eventually becoming a userrate. By then I thought, Sige,
Introductions are never easy. They almost always comprise preconceived notions and-deceiving impressions that get in the way of knowing people. By introducing you to Margo Midwinter, we are introducing you to the new FHM. We’ll let you decide what it is exactly that has changed with the magazine that has been every Filipino man’s guide to having the best time of his life for 16 years and going, but it’s safe to say that a whole new level of refinement and sophistication has been instigated. Pretty soon, you’ll get used to seeing the types of Margo Midwinter more in here—women who give you a premium rush, smart, brimming with attitude, who can slay with the slightest of gestures. Margo Midwinter is a 23-year-old half-Filipino, half-British model who, less than a year ago, got her first taste of national fame when she entered the trust-and-emotions reality game show Pinoy Big Brother. Margo knew right away that people would wonder who she was. “I knew people would be asking, ‘Oh, so why is she there?’ Well, I thought that if they didn’t like me, it wouldn’t really matter.” And she couldn’t care less that she didn’t come out the victor either. She found that she gained more friends and, even more fulfilling, realized that she is stronger than she seems. “I’m a jolly person and I know how to have fun, but
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Well, when I was in school, I was always thinking, ‘Oh, why can’t I do modeling?’ What happened was, I entered my cat in a competition for cat food. Anyway, it turned out my cat won the photo contest. And then I thought to myself, ‘If my cat can win a modeling competition, I’m sure I can try and become a model. Wow, what a great turn of events for you. Did the same cat inspire you to audition for PBB? Ha ha! Before the day of the audition, my manager texted me asking if I wanted to try out. I said okay, but then I thought, ‘Wag na lang because I’m sure there will be many who’ll be auditioning.’ And I know friends who’ve entered the competition. It’s so hard and it’s so long and you stand outside [the audition venue] for ages. But then I changed my mind. ‘Oh well, I haven’t got any work tomorrow, so go lang.’ And then yun pala I’d make it to the end. It was a long process, but it was exciting and exhilarating. You really get to bare your personality. Pinoy Big Brother is a great foundation to build yourself upon.

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Debbie Garcia

Vistas of sea, sky, sand, and women in scant swimsuits come to mind when talking about the beach, but let’s not forget that much of the sea’s bounty is hidden beneath the waves. We whisked away model and television actress, Debbie Garcia, to the rocky shores of Anilao to accompany us in discovering the treasures of the deep. Anilao’s coastline isn’t anything close to a sunbather’s paradise—but the beauty isn’t really there. Pull on some diving gear (or a snorkel for starters), venture out, and be amazed as the greys and browns of the beach give wat to the vibrant colors of the one of the best dive spots in the country. A deeper summer experience is out there, complete with the dazzle of the world from underwater, and that glorious moment of girls unzipping themselves from wetsuits. Ash Mahinay

Margo Midwinter Debbie Garcia FHM Philippines - March 2016 | FHM-Philippines-March-2016-7 Margo Midwinter Debbie Garcia FHM Philippines - March 2016 | FHM-Philippines-March-2016-8