Marine Boudou

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Certainly, the new parade in the third season of Hollywood Girls. After Marine Boudou La Belle and his princes , Alisson Cossenet , the beautiful Miss Languedoc who got a sixth place runner at the Miss France 2012 Delphine Wespiser behind the sublime , or Livia , the bomb Bachelor, Thursday, Dec. 5 is Amélie Neten who made his first steps in the famous series . Strong head , discovered in Secret Story 4 then the Angels of reality TV is also shown pretty good !

In the famous series of NRJ12 , the pretty little mom Hugo is none other than Ethan assistant in the casting agency “LA Style .” Molded in a beautiful black dress, sexy Belgian, who has not lost his accent for his role has unveiled a tone and a fair game . Not bad for a first!

In the TV Mag magazine , former Senna spoke this new exciting adventure that wants : “I’m a casting director and I will be required to audition Marine ( Boudou ) and Sandra (Laura Coll) I did . not a big role but the little I had to do, I liked. I keep very good memories , it completely changed my Angels of reality TV. We had to refocus several times taken because that we could not keep our Marine seriously . We had set ourselves in the eye and , each time, it was going to laugh . ”

If it does today only a small role in the new season of Hollywood Girls , something tells us that the latter could grow if a fourth edition was to be achieved . Because yes, last night , the series broke the record of hearings and it may be that it is not for nothing. This episode has indeed gathered no less than 430,000 people , or 2.8% of market share.

Despite this happiness was not all pink lately for Amelia Neten . Hospitalized in November and operated by laparoscopy , so that physicians remove a mass of several centimeters, the pretty young woman is now better and healthy. Perfect from the sun if it is successful in casting Angels of reality TV 6 . Suspense …

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