Marta Bruno – Interviu – N° 2117 / 21 Noviembre 2016

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Marta Bruno , Interviu , N° 2117, 21 Noviembre 2016

Extroverted and impulsive; so this 34 alicantina waitress did not expect big surprises of life until the pilot Fonsi Nieto sent a message through Facebook. She caught the bug. He had agirlfriend. Together they began an adventure that keeps all the details. This is her story with exconcursante of Masterchef celebrity .  Keep reading.

How did you meet Fonsi Nieto?

He added to Facebook, and if I have to be honest, I did not believe it. There are many people who make fake profiles. Until one day, October 12, 2015, I wrote the following private message: “Well, this Saturday party, right?”. Just like that. And I told him that he was wrong. And we started talking. He said he came to Alicante to prick and that if I wanted to go to him, I went up with him to the cabin and reserved. And I, I’m very ironic, I told him what he wanted. I left the base I spoke with a fake Fonsi. When the day came, he wrote me from another account with the same name.

Two bills? It seems strange, right? Any was verified?

None was verified, so I did not believe it. He told me he has two personal accounts and handles himself.

Let’s continue with the story.

I told him I could not go to him because he worked. And I insisted. In the end we agreed to meet when the two we finished. I quoted in the presidential suite, room number 1010, the Eurostars Lucentum. And to convince me, he gave me his phone number and continue on Whatsapp.

Did not he was afraid that it could be someone with intent to deceive?

At first I was alert; then when he gave me his number, I relaxed. I left everything out it was he who gave the information: phone, address, hotel … Before going up to her room, parked in front of the hotel and watched came and went. In parallel I was going narrating by Whatsapp. Then I was absolutely sure it was him. At the last moment, I called, and I hear her voice even clearer.

And he went …

Yes, I was on the phone with a man named Benny when I opened the door. And it is the most blatant I’ve ever met. Me what happened to greet him! He said, “Listen who’s here.” I understood that I knew thought stay with me.

What Fonsi Nieto knew before this?

What can anyone know: what has been spent and little more.

Let’s go back to the hotel room.

Automatically, from minute one, he treated me as his partner. With much physical contact. He immediately started kissing me as if came a day job and I expect my guy at home.


We started talking about many things. I told him of my children and he his, told me she was not the mother. It is not mentioned any couple.

And you did not know by the press?

Not at all. And his attitude told me he was single. Moreover, he told me he wanted to keep seeing me and that eventually wanted to meet my kids.

Illusions was made?

Well I do not I believed, I knew that was what it was, but it’s true he said it . He seemed very interested in following the contact. Yes , he said it was in their day to day “very controlled”, but nothing more.

How is it at short distances?

Very normal, natural, very cheerful, very active and very close. It’s like very stump.

And in the shortest yet?

Say your body reacts right away. You know what I mean. I said I did not understand how he could put so much if we had ever seen. Only with kiss you, it was like pom, prepared.

And then?

He told me to stay to sleep it off. I told him no.

Why he has decided to tell the tale?

Because it gives me courage face of some people, cynicism and everything. You can not sell a magazine that you marry superenamorado. If you’re not doing these things. When I read statements saying that she has always trusted him … well, honey, you’ve more horns than a sack of snails. To all this, that night and dropped me, somehow, I could never say anything. I had power; not as a threat, but it was like a warning.

Do we then kept the contact?

By Whatsapp. The same day he was found out he had a girlfriend. And I asked him. He said that something had, but not seriously. And it is carrying since January 2013 and is now home!

And it will invite to the wedding to his three ex: Pataky, Carrillo and Artiles. Do you think there will be invitation for you?

I’m not your ex. I am more with which has been lying to go bowling out there.

Why do you say it’s one more?

I have no evidence or know that there have been others. He told me not to. He swore to me by his son to stay with girls who had just met by social networks was not usual. I did not believe him.

They have ended badly?

No, we were just talking away. We have not discussed. Now there will be a reason to end badly, but I have no fear whatsoever. I have everything saved.

And when I see her on the cover?

Ja, I do not even want to imagine me. From first say that’s a lie, I say. I do not think you have the courage to recognize that he has cuckolded his future wife. I imagine that you might try to contact me.And gave me to understand that he would have problems if this happened. But I do not care that it Fonsi Nieto.

Is that what he said out of the blue?

Yes, while we were talking in bed. He asked me not transcend ours, that he was from a family known … With the excuse, I let go. In a good way. But let it fall.

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