Marya Caceres – Noelia Garcia – Marcela Moreno – Angel Beth -. Patri Gomez – Gavo Figueira – Miss Tanga Leidy Romero – Maritza Figueroa – Sophie Castro latin America models

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Marya Caceres –  Noelia Garcia –  Marcela Moreno  -. Patri Gomez –  Gavo Figueira –  Miss Tanga Leidy Romero –  Maritza Figueroa   Sophie Castro latin America models

 Noelia Garcia

in these surroundings, I’m better known as Noe
“I was born in Barcelona 26 years ago, I’m 160 cm and my measurements are 85-62-89. At the age of four years, I started at this world of modeling. Previously, my hair was totally blond, and a friend introduced me to a project of physical contrasts. It went down well and started to climb in the social networks. Many people from there began to contact me and I realized that a new road opened in front of me.


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Marcela Moreno

29 years, born in Melgar Tolima, as a teenager she began to study film and tv in the Chariot Academy, where she ripened to a brilliant student. She also did acting workshops with the renowned actress Victoria Hernandez.
Later her passion for acting brought her to make commercials. That was her stepping stone to a career at television where she began to record novels like “Las detectives y el Victor (The detectives and the Victor)” by RCN.

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Mayra Alexandra Caceres

-Cabarilero, born in late August, of 1996 in Lima, Peru. At the age of 12, she and her brother decided to move to the United States of America! There they met their inspiration their beautiful mother. Mayra was nominated as the “Tampa Ambassador of the Hispanic Heritage 2013”.

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