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Teak Freer Aquarius is a free spirited young lady and part time model from the San Francisco Bay Area of California
We met Teak for the first time when she came to audition for a fashion show .organized by our sister pubdication! She did not get that job but certainly caught our eye with her stunning looks and incredible energy for lite.
We introduced Teak for the first time in VOID 16 in the first part of this story but for new subscribers here is Teak in her own words..
“Hey VOLO Lover, I’m a 21 year old art freak, born in Telluride, CO and raised in the San Francisco Bay Areas I nave a diverse background and am very versatile. I enjoy theater, dance, music, and visual arts. I’m very interested in spiritual std.- ence and expanding the mind.
I love to model because it pushes me to be a healthier and more refined person, each time I see my own image I learn a little more about how other people see ma grateful for this opporw Unity to be in VOLO and can’t wait to see people reactions!!
You can follow her on social media at Twitter & Instagram: @FreeThaBeast Face9ook: miwv.facebook.comicalInneciay

Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-102Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-103Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-104Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-105

Jessica Jopha
Jessica Jopha is a French Polynesian model orig-inally from Guadeloupe, but now living in France
Her 5’6″ tall incredible body was built to be in front of the camera. She has a natural aptitude for posing and creating art with her body and is completely uninhibited and proud of the power her nude body wields over the male species.
Jessica says “I am passionate about photography. Posing in front of the camera is something very fulfilling to me on a personal level.
I love my body and i love to use my shape to make the most artistic and elaborate poses pos-sible. During a photoshoot, i am always ready to climb on something or be precariously balanced on something. I have no fear when it comes to location shoots.
Most of my photos are what they call “NSF N” but I dont care, I love it. I can pose for nude pic-tures as well as erotic pictures as long as

Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-107 Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-108

Armelle Kerine
We introduced the world to Marcus Armelle Keane, an uniquely talented natural light photographer from the French Caribbean in VOLO #16, Since then Marcus has become one of our favorite artists when it comes to na-ture and beach shots. He is now one of our Authorized photographers and is a constant source of incredible content for VOLO Magazine and
For new readers here is a short intros words
uction in his own
El Hi Guys n Gals, I am a 35 year old french pho-tographer living in Martinique island of the French West Indies. My inspiration of photography comes from my fascination with the beauty and sesuality of the female form. I was inspired to take up photography through the incredible pictures of Uwe Ommet; whose book Black Ladies’ really brought out the special beauty of women of African descent. That book stays in my library till date while I go about creating images of my own. Just like my inspiration, I love to shoot women of color and some of my best work is with black women. but I am certainly not limited to that ethnicity. I love shooting and Nature and VOW magazine is the perfect outlet for my work as their readership is the correct demographic to appreci-ate what I create.”
You can see a lot more of his work on his Facebook page at:

Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1010 Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1011

Manon is a 24 years old French girl living in Switzerland with her boyfriend in a apartment with a beautiful view of “Lac LEman” (Geneva Lake) and the Alps.
She decided to shoot at home. It was her first time in front of a professional camera. When we asked her about her experience she said
“I felt very shy, but I’m very curious to experience this and see what I can do and how I look in professional pictures. Can’t wait to see this in VOLO Magazine”

Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1012 Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1013 Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1014 Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1015 Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1016

Jacques Rattaz is one of VOLO maga7ine’s most reliable contributing artists. First featured in VOLO #9, Jacques has brought everything from nature shoots, high glam-our, extreme body art to first time nude models of the pages of VOLO Magazine.
Jacques always tells the story of each of hs sets, here is some details of this set in his own words
“For this issue of VOLO, I posted an advertisement on Facebook in order to find real “Girls Next Doors: This means girls who have never posed (perhaps for some friends, but, in any case, never for publication) and who are interested to pose for the first time nude and with a possibility to be published in a #1 of the menis publica tion. I got 36 registration on my website. 22 have with-drawn their candidature after viewing some examples understanding that this will not be an implied or sug-gested nude shoot
On the 14 girls remaining I took the 8 first gin’s who registered and easily available (question of time…) with out any selection (based on their physics or something else). I went to their home or in the nature close to it and shoot for one hour, starting immediately with nude. Here is the final result of this very exciting experience,”

Tanya Tess

Tanya Tess is a mother, a model, a mirage…
This incredibly beautiful woman you see here (on the right) was named the hottest model in Ukraine by Playboy in 2013.
Tanya has been working as a fashion photographer since 2009 and has shot images for almost 25 print and online publications in Europe. She has shot ce-lebrities and movie stars and of course a lot of nude images. Her work adorns many billboards, store signs and wall posters all over Europe today!
Tanya says “My experience as a photographer allows me to reach incredible artistic heights in my work while creating a picture frame. Experience as a model allows me to feel people deeply when shooting, and allows me to help them take their appearance, physical abilities and mood to the maximum that is required to create a true masterpiece.”

Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1017 Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1018 Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1019 Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1020 Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1021Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1023

Melissa Lori is unique. A mysterious force of cuteness, glamour & charm with a cult following.
One of the most popular models on social net-works with over 750,000 engaged Facebook fans, Melissa commands a fanatic following among men of all ages. An average of 100,000 people view everything this goddess writes about on her networks and she wields a tremendo amount of marketing power in that inc and sexy body of hers.
We rr out to San Francisco (V r a special shoot with her for er of VOLO 18. The shoot which encompassed 4 locations and 2 d. r Northern California produced edible images of this amaz-i oung roman,.. Images which are completly different from her usual glamorous style. Starting as early as 4:30 in the morning to drive to locations and catch the rays of the morning sun, paid off in in the form of this set (and a spare set to be published in the future).
You can follow Melissa and become part of her fan club on Facebook at: lnstagram: @Melissalori

Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1024 Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1025 Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1026 Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1027 Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1028Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1029Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1030Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1031

Hello Vole readers, Iyly name is Agnieszka. I was born in Ruda Slaska but now I live in Warsaw, Poland.
My adventure with modeling started in 2008. At first I took it as total fun and I did not think I would ever go so far. After I wont the title of Miss Teen Poland, my modeling career took off. I became the brand amabassador for .MA TA lingerie, started to pose for cata-logs, calendars and magazines such as the 0KM &Playboy. I was placed third place in the Fotoerotica competition and won several other awards. Now modeling is my full time job in which I put my whole heart. I have been blessed to have the pleasure to work with the best photographers, make-up artists, stylists and hairdressers and got the chance to travel to so many wonderful places. I’m not afraid of challenges overcome fear even before by posing with exotic animals.
I love tattoos and piercings I’ve had a few in my small collection, I am one of the last natu-ral models with natual large breasts without any enhancements. My measurements are 91/61/90 and I am 165 cm tall.
Kisses Agnieszka

Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1032 Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1033 Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1034 Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1035 Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1036 Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1037 Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1038Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1052

Asphyxia Noir

 Asphyxia Noir is one of California’s uh area tureaof entertainment’ Her attitude ep t izes the LO lifestyle,
She grikup on the east coast, where she started as an alt en iiitive model, and then quickly moved on to artistic. nudes and high fashion, ‘Asphyxia” b amf thp force behind what she wanted to repr and she wouldn’t budge on her choice of na e. She threw herself into high fashion, live ge performances, and artistic projects. When he moved to Los Angeles – known for its adult industry – it was almost impossible for Asphyxia not to dabble in the curious world of adult video,
“Extreme” is a word people might ‘Abe t escribe how far she pushed herself in the tisk try,
But she’ll never stick one in dust She ways exist in the ea of fashior) and retain her status al? pure bi symbol, IL, Mat s most are e r art projects co tual nest reMage dan ce in front of crowd • ousands) I no her involvement in music video projects and small art films
PLM?Sh ti o way i close to being done. Asphyxia will be, forever, adventuring.
Follow:www.facebook.comiciages/Asphyxia-Noirli 47545891401

Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1039 Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1040 Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1041 Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1042 Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1043 Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1044 Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1045

Hey VOLO readers I am Kittil A 28 years old model from Budapest, Hungary.
Since being a little girl I have just loved to perform, so at a very young age I started with ballet! Now I just love being a model which I think is awesome as well.
Besides my passion for modeling I work as an accountant, so if you want to be any-where near me, you better get your numbers straight!
06 🙂
XoXo Kitt!

Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1046 Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1047 Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1048 Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1049 Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1050 Melissa Lori - VOLO Magazine 2014 - 10 | VOLOMagazine2014-1051